iframes - Good or Bad??

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Good day,

I need some expert advice, I use iframes to make the updating of my websites easier. I use one iframe for the navigation coloumn and one or two for adsense and affiliate products.

I was recently told that iframes are not welcome in terms of SEO and search engines. Is this true, if so what should I do??


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    Well, just move the code from the iframe into the page. Shouldnt be that difficult. If you dont know how, just hire someone here or on elance sites.

    Iframes are definitely best to avoid if possible
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    IFRAMEs are bad for SEO, navigation and general site usability and accessibility.

    I can think of a handful, if that, of cases where using an iframe is useful - such as for AJAX-style uploading in a CMS. Even then, there are probably better ways of doing it.

    If you're looking to have your navigation be consistent across your entire web site, consider using an include (or similar) function to include the seperate navigation HTML / PHP / ASP etc. page into your master page.

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    I agree, you should get rid of the iframes. They are not good for SEO or site accessibility. I dont think i used iframes since around 99 or 2000 for anything.
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    you could use:
    <?php include('url to menu'); ?>
    and it will include it on the page.
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    It is bad, but sometimes it can be factor but most of people trying to get away from iframe.
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    Yes, get rid of the iFrames if you can. You can accomplish everything you want to do with style sheets or PHP includes.

    I'm also not sure if Google appreciates running AdSense in an iFrame?
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