Wordpress theme customization needed asap (can pay or gift back greater value)

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We just had to realize that making some small changes to a wordpress these has more of a learning curve than worth our time, and looking for some help with that, ideally this weekend.

This is the theme we need edited: - DreamTemplate. Attached is a mockup of how we want it to look. The changes we need help with are only in the header and footer, more specifically:

> changing the height of the overall header section (to about 144px)
> inserting our jpg logo, but probably maintaining a text version of name and tagline for SEO, but invisible (white on white)
> changing the height of the navi bar to 33px
> changing the height of search box in navi bar to 22px (and length proportionally)
> removing the slide show from 'home' template and adding same shadow effect under navi as in 'blog' template
> adding same shadow effect in 2 places in footer (see mockup) and also telling us how to remove if desired (not sure yet if we want the shadows there)
> telling us how to add a widget displaying youtube, facebook etc icons linking to our yt channel etc in the very bottom part of footer (where copyright notice is)
> telling us how to edit or remove the other segments of the template (such as 'what we do' and 'easy to use' titled areas)

There are two options for compensation.

1. Regular payment. We have an offer from a personally referred developer to it for $15-30 (may be less than an hour work apparently), but he could only do it on Monday/ Tuesday, and time is of the essence for us, so just quote what would work for you.
2. Since it's such a small job, a preferred compensation would be free lifetime access to all our current & future downloadable products and membership to our community (just the ones about ready for launch will sell for a total of about $200-300, plus $10/month for community). I have been on a serious path of spiritual practices and personal development for about a decade and even the first basic tools we created has made much more of an impact than anything I found before. Our extensive suite of tools combine the wisdom of the original writings that inspired 'the secret' (incomparably more profound than the secret though) and many of the most successful people interviewed by Napoleon Hills for 'Think & Grow Rich', with the most effective & efficient 21st century technologies for rapid, profound and lasting transformation, supplemented with the most powerful tools and insight we gathered ourselves over the years and tied together into a cohesive system of tremendous power that takes hardly any time to consistently implement.

Your choice...

Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions and/or send us a quote and let us know about your availability...

Thank you so much & enjoy everything!

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