Changed my website theme, need honest review

by Pat T
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Hello fellow warriors,

This is the 3rd time I changed my website theme. I think it looks pretty good but always could use another pair of eyes. I am almost thinking it looks cluttered.

Maybe it is just late and it really is my eyes.

Seems I have a lot of "white" space down the side that might need filled. Or maybe I need to do away with the "featured" gallary. Not sure.

Anyhow would love some honest opinions.

My website url is in my signature. Almost forgot to state that.


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    Hi Pat,

    Generally I think your website is well done. Some things you may want to consider however:
    -Making your Niche Business stand out more using a different colour scheme or larger font as my eyes were drawn to the advertisement initially rather than the business name.
    -The tag cloud section looks a little funny with all the different sized fonts but that may be due to your SEO company.
    - Maybe some more pictures throughout your paragraphs instead of only where there are breaks.
    - Maybe add a subtle colour to the sides of the page, nothing to glarey but white is a bit bland.
    - I actually really like the featured gallery.
    Generally I think it's great and you don't have much to do. All the best!
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    Nice site! Looks very professional.
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    Honestly Saying, it need more changes. Get a customized theme and forget about changing themes all the time.
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      Thanks for all your thoughts and they are so notated.

      AllyChurch your points are good I will look at those you pointed out. I think I will make the Niche Business stand out. I can see what you are saying.

      Maybe a custom theme at some point in time but not now.

      Thanks again everyone it gives me something to look at.

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    Quick glimpse, quick thoughts:

    - Consider a favicon.
    - For a quick (and nice) enhancements google a Google Fonts plugin (if you're using wordpress) and enhance your headings and links.
    - Logo could be improved, either changing it's design and/or colors; you could make it stand out using a different font, a contrasting color and/or another symbol.

    Good luck!
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    Cool, and it will be great if you :
    1. make your posts on homepage in short (not to display each full post, just use read more etc)

    2. have u tried 2 columns?seems it will be awesome

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    It looks decent. But the content seems to be a huge amount of text, might need some stuff in between the paragraphs. Plus the header needs to be more catchy, it seems a little small too
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    Looks professional, you did a good job on it!
    good luck!
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    AdSense ads backgrounds not blended in, and Archives widget looks too long on the page, but otherwise in whole it looks fine to me.
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  • Profile picture of the author tazmania
    I agree - the logo looks like it needs some work.

    Also, just as a side note - have you considered having a sign up form to give away a FREE offer, like an ebook or a video to capture people's email addresses? Even if you're making money with Adsense and affiliate offers, having an autoresponder to build the list can really help.
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