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Hi Warriors.

I have searched this forum about this software and only found part of the questions answered which seem to be related to version 2, I even contacted them by e-mail.

I was looking at this software purely to make word press themes, However I asked them if any hand coding would be required after creating a theme and is it ready for plugins etc....?,

They replied by saying that the exported themes from their software can use most common plugins. I take it that there is a floor some where as they did not answer the question about hand coding.

I also asked about what would happen if word press had a new version, would we be able to update the themes or would they be out of date ?, they replied that updates were only available for the first year, So i take from that that you would need to have the theme updated by your self or have to pay some one to do it for you, or you would have the purchase the Artisteer 3 software again..?.

Please bar in mind here that i am not ruining the software down and have only used the free version, gives good templates themes etc..etc.. I just wanted to clear up about the themes that the software generates , I guess there are plenty of uses in this forum so needed your opinion, GOOD OR BAD.

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    I've used Artisteer before. I never saw any problems when updating to a new version of Wordpress. I've only seen 2 updates since I used the theme. (3.1.4 - 3.2 & 3.2 - 3.2.1) I enjoy the software quite a lot and have even looked into becoming an affiliate for them.

    They do have a weird way of placing information in files, though. For example: Footer links are located in config.ini in your theme folder as opposed to being stored in footer.php for easy access. The config file overrides the footer.php so, even if you change your links in footer.php, you will see no change unless you edit the config.ini file.

    The only problems I've ran into is little things like that. They aren't major, but they do take some time to figure out. As far as hand coding, I have done some on a few themes, but I don't think it's necessary. The only reason I did is that I'm comfortable with coding. I hope this helps.
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    Thank you very much I think i will give it a go.

    Give everyone a chance

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