Please recommend WP plugin to protect my site

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I want a plugin that can prevent hacker to access my wp admin and prevent people from copying my article.
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    Those are two absolutely UNRELATED questions.

    1. Go to and search for security plugins

    2. You can not...

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    Preventing people from copying articles is impossible. You can make it harder for them by disabling copy/paste function, but if they want it, they're going to get it. If the article is that valuable, you can always do searches for it on the net and threaten legal action if you find copies of it.

    But if you're looking for a way to lock down your Wordpress site, then check out this thread.
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    Two WordPress plugins that are free that help with security are:
    BulletProof Security
    Website Defender WordPress Security

    And like the others said, you can't save your articles from being copied.
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    It's simple!

    If it's online! NO ONE's SAFE! No such plugin can do those thing's, even disabling the right-clicking and encrypt the source code with script... no use!
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    A good free wordpress plugin to protect against hackers is Wordpress Firewall.

    You cannot protect against site visitors from stealing your content - if they can see it, they can steal it, simple as that!

    You can of course make it more difficult for visitors to steal your content, e.g. by displaying your content as images rather than text. Then they will probably go someplace else to steal stuff instead.

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    Use Login Lockdown to prevent people from trying over and over to guess your login information. Also, do not use admin as your login username.
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    Backup , Backup, Backup. The WordPress Database Backup plugin can email you database backups.
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