How to create a flash slideshow for my clients site

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Need your help Warriors,

I'm in the process of creating a site for a client, just got the first draft done for them. They want want to have the main image at the top of the page blend in and out with 6 other images they've sent me. Kind of like a showcase of the work they've done.

If I was building this site in WP, it would be no problem, plenty of plugins for that, but this time it's being built in html.

Does anyone know of a simple solution for creating that kind of effect on html websites. preferably free, but I'll look at paid options too.

Here's the site so far: Fitted Furniture 4U

Thanks in advance :-)
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    Hi Stewart,

    Just search for "flash slideshow" and you'll find a lot of options. It is possible to find free stuff, but usually they have a watermark or link back to their site. I have seen nice, highly customizable slideshows for less than $20.
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    My post count is low here. Therefore I posted an option to you over on the TMF.
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      My post count is low here. Therefore I posted an option to you over on the TMF.
      Thanks, got it!
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    Avoid Flash. You should use jQuery slideshows. For example, Slides, A Slideshow Plugin for jQuery
    It can be easily added to HTML.
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    flash are very attractive but they should be avoided jquery is the best option
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      Let me join in with those that recommend options other than flash. One point to remember is that if flash fails, your unhappy client will be calling you.

      Also, slideshows are usually client-side processes. That means that the slideshow will be running on the computer that is viewing the website. All that to say to many pics in a slideshow may slow it down.

      Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

      Joe Mobley


      Follow Me on Twitter: @daVinciJoe
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    If you still consider going the flash way there some "flash slideshow online makers". Just do a search.
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    Do not go for flash slideshow. Its not good for SEO
    Here is the great source to download and how to install jquery script on your page
    Beautiful advanced jQuery background image slideshow
    Landing page design focus to improve Inquiry or Sales.
    Get Custom website design of your dreams
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    Jquery and simple!
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    Cu3er a perfect flash sile show ... you can reference here : CU3ER - 3D image slider!
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    I'm a Flash designer and I'd put in a vote for jQuery (or MooTools)! Flash is a bit of a big hammer for a small nut like a carousel / slideshow. Only drawbacks with javascript libraries are i) they need modern browsers with ii) javascript enabled. Flash 'just' needs a version of the player, and not necessarily a modern version if you're not getting into serious actionscript programming.

    And (possibly for some) good news - Adobe has 'EDGE' in beta at the moment, a graphical development environment for jQuery animation. Check it out at Adobe Labs.
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