How to Prevent Downloads from being indexed?

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I've opted for my download page on WP to not be indexed but the product downloads still are?

How to you prevent that for either HTML or WP?

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    Although nothing is 100% when it comes to the search engines, I have found that a simple meta tag works wonders.

    I use the following on the pages (both HTML and WP) to stop the my pages from being indexed.

    <meta name="ROBOTS" content="noindex, nofollow"/>

    If your pages are already indexed with the download links, change the download link path and anyone that finds an existing page where they can download your stuff for free will then get a 404 error on that page.

    Hope this helps.


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    You could put this in your .htaccess if you wanted to block the filetype from being indexed, say for example, your download is a pdf.

    Options +Indexes
    ## block filetypes from showing
    IndexIgnore *.doc *.pdf
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    There are plugins and programs like DLGuard and WP File Lock that will do that very well for you..

    Or you could just go the lo-jack way of adding that folder to your robot.txt
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    Thanks, Guys.

    It means alot to me for each of you to take time out and offer some help.

    Your suggestions give me some direction now.

    Thanks again!
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