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    Looks great.

    Thanks Indeed
    The Freelance Press

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    Nice theme. I liked the green very much.

    If you can show few featured card designs on homepage, would be more attractive. I guess.
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      A very smart and attractive site.
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    Thanks guys. I need more constructive criticism.
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    OK, let's start from the beginning.

    Your site is about cards. But on your main selling home page there isn't even one notion in the visual way that attracts the visitor to the idea of card-selling website. Yes, you've got slides, but those could have be easily mistaken for the slides, not the actual cards.

    What I'm saying here, your home page will look better if you place the pictures of actual cards, as you've done on the Shop page under Order Now call to action, which looks a bit empty by the way. You could add some more card pictures and do it as they are, not as they are some kind of polaroid photos as it looks on the picture now.

    Shopping cart looks working ok. I like your color theme of the site. In all it looks fine. To sell you need to give them the pictures of the actual product.
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    I am not an expert, only a newbie and I think your site looks good. I wish that mine would look nice. its still in my mind yet.
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    It's a clean look, which is great. On your homepage, the information (1st paragraph) underneath the business profile should be under Welcome to New Zealand Cards to properly give people information when they first look at it.

    The business profile gives you a great opportunity to use SEO keywords while divulging other pertinent information.

    Also on each product description use that if someone is looking for

    "New Zealand coastline photos on a spring morning" it's a chance that might pop up.
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    good design. Maybe you can change the "New Zealand Cards" for a better long font. It looks too basic compared to the other parts of the site.
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      Nice clean look- I like it .
      I agree with Obaz- The products should be displayed on the main page.
      The "online shop " button to the right of the slides is very attractive, however when I click it, I get two
      boxes with no instructions. One box is transparent black and the other is a green map. I am using Firefox 3.6.6

      There were a couple of requirements from the Design Brief that I noticed :

      1. Copyright: Images of products must be protected from being stolen by other users.

      It looks like you did a great job of protecting all of the images except for the slides. Adding copyright to the slides might also help identify them as actual cards.

      1. Content: The main content should be products (titles) on sale. There must be also a page dedicated to providing business information, and another page dedicated for allowing users to contact the business by means of a form.

      I only see a Contact page - do you need another page for this ?

      Overall it looks like you did a great job of following the clients specifications.

      Good luck
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    you need more changes in your website
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    The site looks good.

    1) I think the font you used to write "New Zealand Cards" could be changed.

    2) Why is it that the slides on the homepage become more vibrant when I click the arrow?

    3) Your selling Post Cards right? Make that more obvious the slides on the homepage look like as I just said, slides. Make them look like postcards.

    Very good job overall.

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      Originally Posted by EugeneA View Post

      The site looks good.

      1) I think the font you used to write "New Zealand Cards" could be changed.
      I dont like it either. I think the client requested he match their existing logo design in the design brief.
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