Anyone Know of Presentation Creator using Text, Graphics and Audio Narration?

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I've read through many of the Posts here, and have seen some items that are close, but I'm looking for an easy-to-use software program that someone here may be using, that will allow us to Create a type of Video Presentation using Text, Graphics, and/or Voice (Audio) Narration, that outputs as a Video/Flash Presentation (with Player) that can be uploaded to our server, and/or to YouTube. This would need to be an All-In-One Software Package and not an Online Service charging a monthly fee.

Anyone using anything like this?

(p.s. not Powerpoint/Camtasia or Adobe)

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    I need the same thing if you find it let me know. mrwmd
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      You can try CamStudio. It's a free alternative to Camtasia and is quite good.

      CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

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        Thank You... but CamStudio appears to only be a Screen Recorder, I'm looking for something that will will let me Create a type of Video/Movie/Presentation by entering Text, Graphics, and/or Audio / Voice Recorded Narration, that Outputs as a Video/Flash movie - not just to record screen movements...
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          With the free version of JING, you're restricted to 5 minutes maximum, while with the Pro Version ( which costs less than $15 per year ), you can do recordings for more than five minutes.
          I found Jing easier to learn and handle than Greenshot .... just my take, good luck !
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            Thanks MaxxC!

            But these are Screen Capture Tools, again, not what I'm looking for, but Thanks Again!
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    Need Custom Graphics Work? - Message Me For A Design Quote!
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      Thanks Steve! but I was not looking for the Adobe Products - they're great for making Movies, but are not what I'm looking for here.
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