Please help! My sites gone CrAzIe!

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Just hoping someone can help. I don't know any programming talk.

I got a message today from someone saying they thought my site had a php error.

I checked my blog and suddenly the posts are out of alignment and the words are going into the right side bar and pushing it down.

My site:

I don't know why this suddenly happened.

I updated my theme, I reinstalled the latest version of wordpress and I turned off (and then later back on ) the latest plugin I added.

Nothing has fixed it.

Can anyone help???:confused:

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    Try switching to the Twenty Ten theme and see if that fixes your issue.
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    Also it seems you have modified the code, coz your HTML looks completely crazy.
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      Originally Posted by schwarzes View Post

      Also it seems you have modified the code, coz your HTML looks completely crazy.
      Hey I really appreciate you looking at my site and giving suggestions... I changed themes but I couldn't tell if it was wrong cuz I didn't know how the other themes were meant to look...

      Turns out that a picture in my latest post was too big and some how was causing all the errors??? I dont know how though. Basically when I reduced the size of the second them the issue resolved!!

      Werid or what??!!

      Thanks for having a look and for your help. Its really appreciated!

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    hi nick,
    i just looked at your url and I am so in awe for someone who says they don't know what they are doing.
    What blog are you using?
    I like the set up?
    I am just doing the clickbank affiliate, but I like how everything is together.
    The wordpress blog has it in pages... hard to look at
    reply please I appreciate it.
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    Actually, could you post the PHP error that your customers saw?

    Unfortunately, the only way to get around the PHP problem is to do some PHP talk.

    It could have been something like this: Error on line 304 phpblah/wp/content

    If so, the name of the element or even the plugin's name might have been mentioned and bingo, we now know the main cause of the whole problem.

    Too bad I was a little late, though. The blog's running on a gorgeous theme now as I'm seeing it.

    P.S. The last time I encountered this problem was with my friend's blog. It turned out that one of his plugins were outdated. Let's see if it's the same with yours!

    Talk to you soon,
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    ^^ did you both even care to read what the OP typed ! :s
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    *Cough* Trust me, I'm just asking the necessary questions because, in case you just missed it, the OP doesn't even know why the error happened. Perhaps the error the visitors saw would tell why. :\ By the way, I can't see it for myself because there's a new theme now.
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