Easier to make Profits Theme beautiful or Thesis more IM functional?

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I'm new to this and am working to figure this out.

I've been working on the strategy behind a niche to use keyword searches to bring traffic to my site, sign up folks via a squeeze page and then sell them information to help them via list development and launches and down the line, membership.

I've purchased Profits Theme as it seemed to have the IM functions needed above with the possibility of integrating pages with right columns for the articles for the keyword traffic. I liked Optimize Press but it didn't seem to have this blogging capacity.

I am finding that while very functional, it's form isn't very beautiful. This site needs to be beautiful and will require some development work. It can't look like a slick IM marketing site.

I'm looking at three options:
1) Layout the site with Profits Theme and functionality and then kick to a developer/designer to remove slick IM feel and add some nice branding.
2) Create base site in Thesis and still kick to developer/designer to create feel PLUS add functionality for opt in emails, some sales page design (which I may be able to do on my own) and squeeze page video collaboration and/or purchase page over to clickbank or another checkout option for a hosted product.
3) Use both making Thesis the primary theme for SEO articles and then add in Profits Theme (or even Optimize Press) for sales pages, squeeze pages and have someone polish the entire thing.

  1. Of the above options, which will require the least amount of developer time?
  2. How constraining is an established theme and is it difficult to put in a new design theme to still keep Profits Theme functionality?
  3. Any other options or better options I'm not considering? What am I not thinking about that I should be thinking about?
As a side note, the membership portion isn't so important with Profits Theme as I can use an add on down the line. I'm not ready to kick out monthly content quite yet.

Tremendous thanks in advance for your help! I have made great progress so far and this is the first time around with this kind of website.

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    I'd stick with Profits Theme all the way and just do the customizations there. You can't run two themes on the same domain so your sales page would end up in a new instance of Wordpress on a new domain/subdomain. Not elegant.

    BTW, Profit Theme integrates in with ClickBank directly and while it may not appear to be as intuitive as you'd like I've personally found it a lot easier and than Thesis and more feature rich (and easier) than Optimize Press.
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    Thesis can be a very powerful theme and there are many themes you can run as child themes on Thesis, but for what you are doing I'd have to agree that you should stay with the Profits theme.

    In the long run I think you will be happier going that route.
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    Yeah I agree, stick with what you know rather than jump to Thesis for this
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    Originally Posted by BroadSky View Post

    What am I not thinking about... ?
    That a "beautiful theme" won't sell anything. There are plenty ugly sites that are very successful. You are focusing on the wrong side of it... Content and functionality above all! Look can be changed in a second.

    That's what you are not thinking about

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    Everybody's comments have been helpful. Many thanks, John.
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