What is the best web Directory Script can anyone recommend one for me please

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I am looking for the best Web Directory Script ideally for 2011. Does anyone have any ideas based on the best one to purchase or get for free if possible. I have found a few very old reviews but that's about it to be honest.


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    Not one person on this forum knows?
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    I've been looking at Directories lately, and have spent more than a few hours doing the research. I focus on WordPress, so let me lay it out for you.

    In the WordPress game you've got four major players:
    • DirectoryPress
    • GeoPlaces by Templatic
    • Listings by WooThemes
    • Directory by WPMU

    Now, it comes down to ease of use and whether or not you want to charge or customise.

    Has a range of payment options, but I found that the general design and back end lacked. I have high standards, and with a background in design and development I was hoping for a little more on this.

    However, to it's credit it does have payment package options and a high level of customisation available - and a huge amount of skins.

    GeoPlaces by Templatic
    If you're after paid listings, this is where I'd push you. Hold off to v4 if you can when they introduce recurring billing amongst other features (I am!), which should be out quite soon.

    My only qualm with this was the backend, but it's a lot easier to get around than DirectoryPress. You can also do some insane upsells and customisation using Gravity Forms.

    Listings by WooThemes
    This is awesome for free listings. Oh man, and it's so customisable too!

    If you want to use it for free listings, it's pretty straight forward. As with all WooThemes it has a pretty ****ing awesome back end.

    The only lack it has is the extra work you need to do for customisation and pay per listing. You can get around this by using the S2Member and Bainternet plugins (paid registration and post limits), and possibly throw in Gravity Forms too.

    Directory Plugin by WPMU
    Don't be mislead - there's a theme included with this too. You can set two different price points in the back end for listings as well.

    Personally I found this one to be quite light on, but the theme is simple and straight forward with a lot of customisation.


    This should definitely help you out.

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    Arfooo is free and good but looks a little dated now.
    phpmydirectory.com is paid but looks good and has classified functionality too.

    Hope this helps
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    Hey guys thank you for replying to my thread, I am just working things out based on how to even implement the directory to prosper really. Also I just realized that I have a copy of the "eSyndiCat.Pro.v2.1.02." is it any good do you know?

    The idea I have is to develop the directory and rank it up well, then get the users to place which ever reciprocal links on their sites I choose to use from the back end, I was thinking that when the directory site is ranked up well, I can then think about getting the users to place my other domain URL's instead to rank them up, rather than the directory URL itself if you get me.

    Based on making money or my idea with the ranking up of other domains, what other thoughts do you both have on how to benefit from using these types of scripts.

    Lastly when finding a domain name for a directory, I have found a few with decent searches and low SEO competition, it's what I do, I provide SEO for my clients as a living you see, is it a good idea to go with something generic sounding such as example:
    "URL submit.net/.com"
    Or best to choose something which sounds catchy like the other highest ranked directory's have.


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    Does the "DirectoryPress" offer reciprocal linking?

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    I am not sure which one is the best script, but I personally feel instead of running after a script, why dont you make a customized one for your self..

    Coz with a custom made script you will have much more flexibility as compared to a ready made one!
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      Originally Posted by flaminjo View Post

      I am not sure which one is the best script, but I personally feel instead of running after a script, why dont you make a customized one for your self..

      Coz with a custom made script you will have much more flexibility as compared to a ready made one!
      I'll be honest I would not know where to start, the main issue right now is finding one which offers reciprocal linking.

      Based on the ones which Simon mentioned after further investigation, I found that all though some offer the reciprocal linking, it's not stored on to a database, meaning that anyone whom decides to submit a link can simply delete the reciprocal link they added after using the service.

      That takes away the over all use of why I would want it in the first place, I have found other scripts such as "Masters Links Directory" " PHP Link Directory 4" I even found the "eSyndiCat Pro" on my computer I purchased it a while back.

      My point is that it's hard to work out which one offers the best features, developing one for myself would take too much time and I don't have the skills to be honest.

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    I think PHPLD is most reputed and trusted web directory over the internet.It is affordable also.If you want open source directory script like PHPLD then you can try http://www.phplinkdirectory.com/ .Its is an Open Source script with many features like paypal integration,free as well as reciprocal links etc...
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