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by Abitha
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I have recently released the site It is a website that is totally dedicated for the benefit of children. Parents and teachers of school children can make use of this Website to enrich their kid's knowledge. It possesses various categories like 'Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, and Month'.

I have plans of improving the site in future with numerous resources for kids.

Please review my site and give me your valuable feedbacks.
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    It's nice. A few pointers would be:
    -Your background image is a little blurry on the right
    -The text at the bottom overlaps the background image and makes it hard to read
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      Other than the background image, everything is lovely!
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    The site looks okay, design wise. The concept is good too. Bye the way, why bforball and not aforapple? Just curious.
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      I love the overall look, very cheerful.I am honestly not sure what educational benefit this has though. Who is supposed to be using it? A child clicking through things? Or an adult doing it and talking about it with the child?

      "Colour Blue is the color of the universe" you really need to decide whether to use American or English spellings. All the colours seem to have both spellings in their descriptions.

      Green - click green, see a blob of 'green' and a leaf. Underneath it says "Colour Green is the color of the nature. It is usually referred to as the color of peace and ecology. Example Leaf. Kids can have fun on seeing the beautiful Leaf coloured picture, which makes learning colors easier."

      A child just learning their colours is not going to understand 'ecology' at all. Plus why is seeing a picture of a leaf particularly fun? It doesn't do anything.

      "H stands for House." - H is the first (inital) letter of house, it doesn't 'stand for it'.

      "A Pentagon is a shape with five sides whose sum of the angles is 540 degrees. Kids can have fun looking at the beautiful Pentagon shaped picture."

      Again, most adults wouldn't be able to quote the angles of a pentagon, a young child certainly doesn't need this information. And why is looking at a pink pentagon fun? For the shapes section there could be stuff about things that are that shape. Right now it seems very isolated.

      Sorry, but as a mum I really don't see how this website will help with educating a child. There is lots of stuff that is going to go right over a child's head (and some adult's). The rest could be in a book, which would be just as 'fun' and easier to use with the child.
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    It 'nice. Some references would be:
    -Your background image is a bit confusing to the right
    The text at the bottom, overlapping the background image and makes it difficult to read
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    • On dial-up it takes 1 minute or more to load the photo links on the main page and the other pages.

      The letter H is the eighth letter, not eigth.

      Some other typos too.

      Besides that the site looks good with all the colors. I don't know if you'd want to say any more about the letters, shapes, numbers, etc.

      Note the site map doesn't work.
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    You site is really good. It is targeting children hence the colour and background image which you have chosen will suite it coz children love it this way. But I have one more question. I find no ads or any promo or affiliates. How will you monotize this website? Or It is just for the benefit of kids????
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    • Profile picture of the author rithika
      Nice concept and the website intends to grasp the view of the children. Only basic stuffs are found. Adding few more resources like
      playing activities,
      puzzle centers,
      some worksheets can make the kids to have fun-filled learning through your website.
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    Nice website.
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