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Not sure if this should be in this section but........

Photoshop compaired to gimp.

In photoshop you can design a full page layout and the slice it so on and so on, but dos the GIMP have this capability?, can you slice and export or do have to make indevidual graphics like headers, buttons, etc... etc... all seperate?.

I have down loaded GIMP and can not find how to slice a page that i have created in this program.I have also surched google but i just keep finding tutorials on how to make headers, buttons and other stuff.

Any one now how to slice in GIMP ?, If its possible.
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    I do not recommend the very old slicing technique. Your site will be in a bad, old html code.

    It is really better, also in terms of SEO, to get a site done with CSS.

    Depending on your budget I would try to find someone doing PSD2HTML...

    Sorry, I do not know if GIMP can "slice" but I guess Google could help you find the answer.

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    If you can afford it, Photoshop can do so much more than you will ever need, which is good. Slicing is not necessarily bad. The default slice is to write html tables, but you can change the setting to export slices to divs (css).
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    Gimp cant export to html. Its a good thing. The code that is exported to html is horrible in both div format and table format.

    make the image in Gimp then post a job on a freelance site to get it converted into quality CSS format by someone who knows what they are doing (like Michael71 said.).

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    On the one hand while I'm primarily an Open Source User (Linux and I'll come to that) i've been on the fringes of publishing since the seventies. Adobe has licensed fonts from Linotype and stuff like that which we need for commercial printing. As an open source project GIMP can't afford to.

    I still use a distro which emphasizes freedom and go through the trouble of addins like Separate+ because Adobe's copy-protection scheme writes to the boot loader and render Linux systems unbootable every time you use it.

    So GIMP lacks features we need and Adobe makes defective products.
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    Thanx for the info everyone,

    Looking on google for tutorials on psd to css.

    Give everyone a chance

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