Membership Site That Restricts # of Downloads?

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This seemed like the most appropriate forum to ask this...

What I want to do is start a monthly PLR club, where there might be four or five PLR packages each month, all covering a different niche.

I want the subscriber to be able to pick one and one one, and once they choose it, not have access to the others.

I've been experiment with Wordpress membership plugins but so far have not found one that will do this.

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    Hello Darrel,
    I was just going to guess you are looking for free plugin suggestions to WordPress, and not recommendations on expensive membership software. What you are asking about is easy to accomplish by integrating aMember and WordPress because the member would be selecting a specific product in order to gain access to it, instead of the others.

    However, in WordPress you might be able to use memberwing to separate these products into different membership levels. That might help to keep subscribers from having access to the others.

    Also there is a password feature built into the WordPress post/page that you could set for each product, and only allow the people selecting that one product to see a text file with the password value for the WP post/page.

    The only other thing I can think of is to flag each person in the database with a code that says what product they selected, and then use a PHP conditional loop to only display the correct product to them if the database call retrieves the code for that product. What I mean is, all of the products are listed on the same page but only the selected one will be displayed because of the PHP conditional loop. Might take a bit of testing, but that would be another free method you could implement yourself.
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