Where can I host a huge video site ?

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I am beginning a project that will have about 2000-4000 clients accessing tutorial videos 2-30 min long.
They will also try to view these videos around the same time, (possibly the same hour/minutes)
What and where is the type of reliable hosting that I'm looking for ?
If successful, the 2000 people can increase to 120,000 in the future, again all trying to access their set of tutorials at the same time...hopefully this is the right place to ask this question
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    Hi Big Gee,

    I would recommend you look at Amazon S3 with Cloudfront. Sure, it'll cost you (although not much) so you'll need to factor the costs into your fees.

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    @jlandells Thank you !
    ok so I checked out Amazon S3...unfortunately I do not understand how to estimate what my monthly charge would be. I plugged in some numbers BUT not even sure if they related to my scenario. And the bill came out to like $500+ per month (ouch! cant afford that)
    I sent an email to their support/sales team but if anybody has any suggestions as to finding more answers plmk
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    Hi Big Gee,

    Short of putting your videos on something like youtube or vimeo (free hosting) a large amount of video on hosting is going to cost you. If you will have 2-4 thousand people viewing these videos you should be able to easily cover $500 a month.

    Start small and scale up as needed, don't pay for the big account until you've pushed the limits of a smaller account.
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    Hopefully this isn't too self-promotional (especially since this is only my second post) but I do marketing for a company called VidCaster and we might be able to help you. We combine an online video platform with a CMS for a turnkey video site platform that "just works". We can host your videos on Amazon S3 and have them play in our player w/ your custom call-to-action messages or we can link to your YouTube account on our free plan if you're looking to save $ on bandwidth or storage. I don't think I can post links yet but search for VidCaster and you'll find us.
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    well.. i use hostgator and godaddy to host some of my client's video sites. i got them working normal without any complain from my clients.
    God bless us all!
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    thanks for the feedback everyone. I need to have control over my videos and I think my client will look at me funny if I tell him I'm going to just create a youtube channel. The videos I'm making will not need any seo, or promotion. The amount of people looking at the videos will peak only within a certain time period and gradually decrease.
    $500 per month would be way to much, I have to host them long term (YEARS ! 30-50 plus)
    I guess what I need to ask is
    with the amount of people viewing videos peaking around the same concentrated time frame, do I need to worry about bandwith ?
    If so how do I figure that out ?
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    How about making your own channel on Youtube. It is free, great for SEO. And you can embed all your videos on your site...

    Dedicated server is less expensive than Amazonas 3... Maybe this is another option.

    But indeed - if your take a look how many educational channels exist on Youtube... At least it could be a good start...
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    well... u might to try VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth?
    God bless us all!
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        Originally Posted by kamran9868 View Post

        Perfect Solution...
        You speak from experience?

        Hosting videos, and especially hosting large volumes of video, takes a LOT of resources; a CDN to distribute content; etc. etc.

        there is NO way a VPS can do this.

        Don't mix up "bandwith" (= you can up/download whatever you want) with performance.

        My suggestion: Try a professional service such as vzaar. Comes with a price, but service and performance are AWESOME.

        Rob Konrad
        ================================================== ===
        This blog is awesome: http://www.robkonrad.com/blog. Read it.
        ================================================== ===
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    According to me Amazon S3 or you tube is the best option for your huge video site. You will also get good SEO with these site to promote your site. It cost you low other than any video hosting site.
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    Another vote for YouTube or vimeo. Strongly. I've run websites that hosted video before and the bandwidth costs can get really expensive. Not to mention, for decent user experience you'll want it on an edge network. (Like S3 Cloudfront someone mentioned above).

    Keep in mind, you could simply create a channel on YouTube but that's not your only option. You can create your own website with your own design and embed the videos there. You can customize the YouTube player and I think (can't remember for sure off-hand) you can even create your own player if you're good at Flash.
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    Wow again thank you everyone very much for the feedback.
    I finally got in touch with a competitor in another state, so not really a direct competitor. He held back a little, but had also suggested Vimeo. I know he's using cloud because one of his sample videos redirected to a cloud link. He also told me it was a white label platform and expensive.
    Anyways I think I have enough information now, thanks again thanks everyone. I think i will go with either vimeo or Amazon after getting some other details.
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    If its as huge as you say, I would advise just buying you're own server in your home to host it on, if Blue Host can handle the bandwith, certainly go with that.

    Affiliate links are not allowed.

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    Amazon S3 --- Upload it -Done
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    Get a Hostgator dedicated server - they wont fail you rather would be there to walk you through all the way. Am very sure and convinced that there is no need for Amazon and the likes. visit hostgator.com check their dedicated server page chat with a live assistance and they will tell you better options to suit and fulfill your needs.

    Hope this helps!

    Anastacia is a Virtual Assistance for ChimbaWeb. I love everything techy, passionate about Web Development and fascinated by the Virtual World of Work.

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    Big Gee, go search for clipbucket, then look at their hosting. You can get a VPS, dedicated, or shared of course. Most their hosts offer a auto installer for the software on your site, and you have tons of features and you can make it 100% custom
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    Amazon S3 for sure...
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    - Custom Wordpress Website Design & Blogs

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    Can you not have your own dedicated server and use that for the hosting, then you absolutely control the items on it.
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