please review my website.

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I have made a small website for an affiliate scheme and I am wondering what your thoughts are about it. is the design good? how could I improve it?

it is my first proper website and I would like to make it as professional as possible.

here is the link Welcome! | Free Apple Products 4 U

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    Hey, just wanted to give some simple suggestions from what I have learned so far

    (1) I read through some of your contents, and I notice that you are missing capitalizations for some of the first words in the paragraph (and sometimes in a next sentence). It would look more professional to have it proofread to make sure that these small things are eliminated

    (2) As for your counter hit, while I don't have much experience with it, I am not sure if your visitors would like to see it there as it is a "Free Apple Products" site. Most of the professional websites I have seen do not really show how much visitors they have coming to their websites.

    (3) Layout-wise, I think it is very...white. It blinds me a little, but otherwise, I do like your navigation and organization style of your content (not a big block of text, but you have them in simple 2-3 liners)

    I hope it helps you out in some way! I just want to provide small feedback since I don't have a lot of experience in this type of niche
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    I think , your website font too small and the logo can not make impression for visitor
    but i like your clean and simple page ,nice menu. ^^
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    I really like the visual aspect of your website until I scrolled down to the content where "Home" starts. I think you can definitely do a better job at formatting the text. Steve Jobs and Apple is known for it's almost perfect styling and design. I think you have to try to do the same with your site. Try a different and bigger text font for the body, and align all paragraphs perfectly.

    Goodluck with your website!

    Elion Makkink

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    Not bad your website is simple but nice ..
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    I like the front page animation. Eye catching!
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    Simple and fresh. The animation on the front page is very catchy, as WarriorFormula said
    But I'd say the content font is rather small. Readable, but just a bit small for my taste.
    Other than that, your site is very good
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    I have viewed your website and found the first screen full of banners and the font of titles is very large as compared to contents. In my view point, if you use small banners with small fonts and increase a the content size a little than it will be more attractive.
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      I am pretty sure you need a disclaimer saying you are not officially associated with Apple.
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