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Hey everyone!, Just start my health website and looking for some inputs on it, feel free to speak whatever is on your mind, wont be offended.

Improve Health Blog
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    Just wanted to give you a couple of tips from what I learned:
    [1] I think more of your articles should match the layout format as the "BENEFITS OF STRETCHING | STRETCHING GUIDE." Personally, and it may be the same for other people, I prefer to read articles that do not have 5 or more lines per paragraph. If you can either be more concise with your information or split it up into a new paragraph, that will be great!

    [2] I don't know if you intended to do it, but there are links with a little window that pops out around certain words or phrases, and it drives me away a little

    [3] I think it may be helpful to have a term of use and privacy policy It shows a little more credibility to have that there. You can find some free generic ones around

    [4] While I think your layout is definitely clean and simple, I also think it's a little too plain. However, I definitely think cleaner and simpler is better than going overboard with graphics and pictures

    I hope some of my suggestions help
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    Good dude, use some attractive health related snaps in your site ... Other wise all are good ...
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      I agree, you need more quality stills, but other than that, your site is awesome..
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    Nice Site. Design is Good
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    Hi, Tony
    Your website is good, nice looking, and simple.
    I ve only a little suggestion, you can use optin form on sidebar with an autoresponder. and matbe you can install post view plugn to see how many visitor to every articles.

    have a nice day
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    You really need to have someone proofread your content as, although the overall info is reasonable, there are numerous spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    Really nice design.Website is full of Content.If you use some background color,then the sites will be more attractive.
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    The design is very suiting for a health site, imho
    But did you put up a favicon for your blog? It's not showing anything in my Chrome.
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    Thanks everyone for the comments, still working on my site and learning new things each day. Any thought or ideas be sure to let me know!

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    Cool Looking with limited color selection !! can add any animated banner in the header part of your site rather than a static image..And add a favicon..other than these the site looks good Thank you
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    wow.... really nice..... niche topic in clean blog layout...
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    You need to add some padding to your images that are within the articles. This will increase readability and the images will look better.

    Right now the text is almost touching the photos.

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    Looks good, like the color scheme.

    Two suggestions:

    1. Put some vspace and hspace around the pictures. I will make the text and pictures look cleaner.

    2. I think it was already mentioned, but if you are using a content spinner, proof read ALL the articles. Some of them have numerous errors and some (not yours) I have seen are completely bad.

    Hope this helps.
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      Originally Posted by FRTS Safety View Post

      1. Put some vspace and hspace around the pictures. I will make the text and pictures look cleaner.
      That's so "old school" and not compatible with the WP code!

      Try finding in your stylesheet:

      then add some left and right margins, respectively!

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        Thanks, I'm going to try to fix the alignment, hope that will make it more easier to read for all my readers. Thanks for the suggestion and ideas everyone!

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