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I created this site for my small lockout/locksmith business in Oklahoma. I'm on the first page of Google when using relevant keywords "Oklahoma City Locksmith" for a search. Im really trying to get to the coveted number one spot but seem to be stuck in my current position. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    I think it's a bit "busy", but if it's effective, that's all that counts.
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    Thanks for that, I agree. It is a bit messy. I'd like for it to flow a bit better.
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      I think is not loading properly in the latest firefox.

      If not, You need to really look at the design end a bit. The right side RSS feeds are not proper and also you have some grey text on white background.

      Please have a look at that.

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    I think you must work more on the site design. It's a bit messy having all the contents not organized and floating everywhere. Also the text on middle can't be read by normal eyes, try to change that as well. Just my suggestion though, good luck mate!
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    I guess the best way to help is being honest in pointing out mistakes.

    Rating: 0/10

    * Out of proportion logo
    * Ugly top navigation menu (text almost unreadable)
    * Hidden text (bad SEO, black-hat trick)
    * Irrelevant news widgets
    * Reviews testimonials should be on the homepage

    You need a good design for your site. Work on legitimate SEO content. Trying to cheat Google will only get you punished. A good design and SEO content will improve your ranking.
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    On the Mac... it looks super horrible in terms of placement alone.
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    I'm on a work computer and it has IE8. Your sidebars are showing up under your content. Everything is pretty much misplaced. I know there alot of other browsers out there available (firefox, opera, safara etc) but i do believe that internet explorer is still the most widely used browser ( correct me if im wrong ). If you can get that together I think the site would look ok. Kind of plain in my opinion though.

    Also, your buttons for the menu...Im not sure if those are seperate graphics or apart of the background...but I would definitely get rid of them. The page names are hard to read with that red text and gray background. I would suggest using text for the menu without the buttons.

    If you are using wordpress...the problem may be that the theme you are using is not very compatible with the version of wordpress you have installed...I would try installing an older version of wordpress and see if that helps.
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      Yes, unfortunately your site is very poor. The PLUS side is that you have a website and you are trying something... BUT

      There are many things wrong with your website and honestly it looks like a website that was created about 10 years ago and never got updated.
      • The Logo image is huge and all stretched out.
      • Your RSS feed that I am guessing you hoped would give you OKC relative keywords doesn't help and look horrible with Hockey scores and news stories of Oklamhoma criminals.
      • The other site you link to is 100 times better - Oklahoma City Locksmith
      • Though that one once again has horrible news feeds with criminals and celebrity gossip from TMZ.
      • You are also going against Google Adsense Terms of Service by typing "< Click for Keys" next to an adsense ad. You could lose your account for that.

      Keep trying...
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    I think it's quite a try. But indeed, in terms of placement it's a bit poor.
    Perhaps consider re-doing the layout?
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    I would start with a new business oriented wordpress theme. A well-laid out theme is a great way to avoid formatting problems. Also, a proven theme design, basic color scheme, and easy-to-read company name and contact info is all very important especially for a business site. You may be a great locksmith, but people will judge your professional skills based upon your web design skills. It may not be right, but that's reality.

    Here is an example (no affiliate link) of a now closed wso, but it will give you an idea of some simple and affordable themes with features you want and not a bunch of stuff you don't.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

    p.s. I live in Okla for 12 years. Nice state, good people
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    yeah i agree with Jeff...a more business style wp theme might be a bit more suited to your site.

    What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left!

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    I'm in Norman OK by the way, always looking for like minded individuals in the area.

    Drop me a line if you'd like : vic [at] friedbassmedia [dot] com

    OK -
    Agreed with the above points...

    Big NO NO, ghosting your test at the top.

    Bad design and structure.

    If you are new at designing and coding, install wordpress and find a suitable theme.

    You'll be up and running with something both you and your client like and you'll have more time to get to getting it ranked.

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    I will have to be honest with you; its a very poorly designed website. If I stumbled across such a site while looking for a locksmith, I wouldn't give it a second glance - it looks like its been thrown together in minutes.

    I'll try not to repeat what's already been mentioned, but a few of the problems with the site are as follows:
    • The colour scheme looks really tacky. Try using a more subtle, muted background colour for starters.
    • The RSS feeds are completely unrelated. Fix this, or you'll probably be better off without them
    • The header banner/logo looks unprofessional, and a uniform font face and colour is not preserved throughout. Additionally, having serif and sans-serif fonts together in the same graphic doesn't look right, and detracts from its impact.
    • You have posted all the zip-codes the locksmith services, WITHOUT actually referring to them as such, and until I saw the other site, they just looked like random numbers to me.
    • Your map and promotional video appear below the main content box, as do the RSS feeds. Fixing this should be a priority.
    • Hidden text is a no-go.
    At present, the site looks like a shameless (and poorly executed) attempt to abuse google's pagerank system. If you're new to website design, try using a WordPress template to get you started - that will at least take care of most of your layout woes.

    Good luck with your website!
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