How to build a Silo website? PLeasee answer Somebody!!!!

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Hi to all,
I'm by building a Silo-website and have to decide how to subdivide the site; it will be a website about Health & Beauty therefore I've thought to divide it into three sections: Health, Weight Loss and Beauty.

At this point, I was wondering if it is necessary to build directories (folders) for each of these themes to get high rankings, or will it be enough to subdivide the respective theme-pages by linking them together, of course considering LSI keywords.

Could anyone give me an input about this question?
Thanks in advance
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    Not sure what you are really asking here. Having the files in separate directories will make no different to your PAge Ranking......

    Now having different domains for each and then connecting them will help you a bit as Google (and friends) like to see links from site to site as they see it that others think what you have to say is important...

    If you want to separate things in to different directories to be organized, that is one thing, but don't do it for rankings....
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    Not sure if this helps at all but the best resource I know of that covers silo sites is, they would probably cover anything you want to know.

    Personally I lean towards using wordpress for the majority of my sites and there is a theme called Semiologic that come with a plugin aimed at helping you create silo sites easily.

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      thank you all for your answers and help,
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        In my opinion you want both. Extra directories always help and I'd consider breaking it down even more in your three major categories. as an example.

        Silo structure is great for SEO.

        Do (like doe) Engelhardt

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          I've been following this guy for about 2 months now, and he always seems to give away good, solid information without any "hooks", ie, good info up to a point and the rest is $$ or sign up required.

          Here, he talks about how he's been getting good traffic w/ silo structures.
          Quick Traffic With Silos
          2 Things stuck out for me:

          1.) The video has diagrams describing each section of a well-designed silo structure, complete with examples of keywords and related keywords, and the exact way to link together the pages.

          2.) he recommends NOT using WordPress for this. As an avid WP fan and developer for my clients, I was struck by this. However, using WP's basic Posts and Pages system structure is probably not the best way to set up a silo.

          Now, he did mention that he had found a good plugin/tool for WP that would help make the necessary changes to WP in order to be conducive to Silo-ing.

          There's a program you can buy for $127 to get all that info, however, if you plan on NOT using WP, then the video itself should probably suffice as a good primer.

          Hope this helps,

          Ryne Landers

          Ryne Landers
          Lover/Fighter/Gamer/Serial Entrepreneur
          McKinney Web Design
          Skype Me: ryne.landers

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      True, but Xsitepro's templates aren't always that great. I do love Xsitepro but WP has some advantages too.
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    You don't have to use XSPro's templates to build sites
    with it. I build them from scratch with it pretty quick
    if I want to.
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