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I just did some work to my site Oklahoma City Locksmith,Vehicle Locksmith Service, emergency locksmith.
Please review, give me some pointers, and some constructive criticism.
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    Honestly it looks overcrowded.
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    I think you should hire someone else to do the site. It's not even close to being good. Being very honest there.
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    Oh dear lord.

    Some points:

    - too many fonts, too many font sizes
    - first impression is you're crying for attention, but missing the point completely
    - the logo/graphics look very low quality (pixellated)
    - what's the content below the red part for? Just to get some content for google?
    Doesn't look anything like a professional service to me.

    Hope it helps!

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    Most of the comments I made on your last thread still stand. For reference, I'll quote it here, with comments on the current state bracketed, and in bold. Thankfully, you did remove the hidden text, the irrelevent RSS feeds are gone, and the layout has improved, but its still very crowded and messy. I would strongly suggest getting someone to design the site for you.

    Originally Posted by Trivium View Post

    I will have to be honest with you; its a very poorly designed website. If I stumbled across such a site while looking for a locksmith, I wouldn't give it a second glance - it looks like its been thrown together in minutes.

    I'll try not to repeat what's already been mentioned, but a few of the problems with the site are as follows:
    • The colour scheme looks really tacky. Try using a more subtle, muted background colour for starters. [colour scheme not changed]
    • The RSS feeds are completely unrelated. Fix this, or you'll probably be better off without them [fixed]
    • The header banner/logo looks unprofessional, and a uniform font face and colour is not preserved throughout. Additionally, having serif and sans-serif fonts together in the same graphic doesn't look right, and detracts from its impact. [gone- but should have some kind of logo/header banner]
    • You have posted all the zip-codes the locksmith services, WITHOUT actually referring to them as such, and until I saw the other site, they just looked like random numbers to me. [still not explained]
    • Your map and promotional video appear below the main content box, as do the RSS feeds. Fixing this should be a priority. [ video with content, but map below content box still]
    • Hidden text is a no-go. [fixed]
    At present, the site looks like a shameless (and poorly executed) attempt to abuse google's pagerank system. If you're new to website design, try using a WordPress template to get you started - that will at least take care of most of your layout woes.

    Good luck with your website!
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    Sorry it looks like a friend made site, the red is too overbearing, the slew of numbers seems like I should be picking a prize. I agree with Trivium, get a Wordpress template and start fresh.

    Hope that helps

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      I hate to say it, but I have to agree with everyone else. Unfortunately, I would suggest starting over. There's not much to the site, so it shouldn't be overwhelming.
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    The site is too clumsy !! Looks like a static page..Is this your first site designed by you? try to make it more attractive
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    Thanks for the input. I cleaned it up and used softer colors. I appreciate the words of wisdom except for those who just say "let me design it". I have the means to have a company design it but I get pleasure out of doing things myself.
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      Originally Posted by blairlockout View Post

      Thanks for the input. I cleaned it up and used softer colors. I appreciate the words of wisdom except for those who just say "let me design it". I have the means to have a company design it but I get pleasure out of doing things myself.
      Your site still looks a bit awkward. :confused: The colors are weird-looking and the text doesn't match. I would also definitely advise you remove the articles at the bottom. Aren't you selling a lockout service? Why do you need articles for that?
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        Those articles are RSS feeds that provide locksmith backlinks. Most people don't search for a "lockout" service and typically search for a "locksmith" service when looking for someone to unlock their car. A lockout service does not provide the exact services as a locksmith. IE I don't make keys, rekey locks, or pick locks. Im basically an emergency roadside assistance provider.
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    i am not a fan of balck sites, but the 2nd with the video is nice. place video at the top whenever you can
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