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Hello guys,

I recently made a website wasn't my first but was hoping to get some feedback the jquerry slider effect. I put two on it do you think it's too much?

One at the top and one at the bottom.

I also put a little Christmassy touch with a Santa Claus on the bottom right for the seasonal effect. LEt me know what you think.

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    My opinion,

    Keep the bottom one, lose the top one. The top one is distracting. Maybe just keep a static picture.

    Otherwise looks nice!
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      It is taking much time for loading your website. I think you should work on it. Otherwise it may not get good position ins search result.
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    Dont like it. too many colors. Not a clear call to action..

    Call to action can sometimes be mistaken for yellow buttons etc... but in this case. Your call to action is not clearly visible.. Too many colors.

    translator - really not needed, people just put those things to take up space (replace with optin-form give something free away)

    No need to have 2 sections at the botton for share buttons, Make them all in 1 style and replace 1 with something else... Top features or something

    Logo- Stay away from fonts like that when designing a logo, Keep it simple.. it will look better and even add value to your website

    your sidebar - not a tag cloud - those dont work.. again a contact form would look better...

    your package section needs a lot of work.. use a different plugin or just build with Pages and add to cart or buy now buttons.

    Nice and clean always works.. to many colors

    hope my 2 cents helped.
    god bless
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    Don't think it matters if it is a purchased template. A static pic on the top will serve you better. I don't mind the sliders though.
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    The top on has three problems:

    a) quality of the pics
    b) speed
    c) variation

    It's very nervous, and if there are just two pages, I'd say forget about the slider. Slides make sense if you have 4, 5 pages of content you'd want to change.

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    I like the concept of packaging those popular software products, but I agree that the slider should go, and maybe replace it with a stand alone image.
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    Font size is the matter and remaining quite well, in mine view.
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    Dude, I think the top on is beautiful.
    I guess if you remove the bottom one, it will be awesome.
    But you made a beautiful website. Good Job.
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    your design is ok but not too impressive .your header is too big. you have put two slide shows but one is enough for this views is a page must have to give clear information about product and services. you have loaded this page with too much content.
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    just make pages load faster
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    so beautiful design.. I love it guys.. Good job!
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    It needs work:

    The logo must be changed. Completely unprofessional. Find one for around 30-75$ that is nice and high quality.

    Your sliding images are blurry on both sliders. Huge problem. Need to be fixed.

    The text to the left of the sliding images on top is too plain and it isn't noticeable.

    Footer Titles that are red should be changed to a different color.

    Your affiliate image is horrendous, make sure you change it or you wont have too many affiliates.

    Payment images are all choppy or blurred. Fix them.

    Just being honest here. I suggest you consider some of these!

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    Little bit slow to load, and need more touch with stylish fonts.
    Overall color combination is fine. Nice template also.
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    Try using Paid plug-ins for more traffic ranking..
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