Who is the best clickbank minisite designer?

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I know Dave from extremewebgraphix is up there, but he hasn't gotten back to me in a few days, and I'm just looking for some other options of designers whom are better / just as good. Please recommend only the top designers in the industry who have previously created many top 10 sites in the CB marketplace.

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    There are dozens of excellent and very affordable mini site designers in the Warrior For Hire section. And last I looked, they all had extensive portfolios you could browse.
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    I think we could say dave is on a separate level from most of the designers there, I mean every single design he pushes out is top quality. extremewebgraphix.com is his site...he designs many top clickbank products and they always look amazing.

    Maybe theres one or two that are just as good with just as much success in that section? I can't seem to find any though.
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    I use this guy for everything:


    Incredibly easy to work with and does a great job.
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    I have used MadetoConvert.com and PixelofGenius.com in the past. They develop great quality designs. Both of these businesses have both developed designs for successful e-product launches.
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    Could you link some of the sites you have that they've done? I'm in the market for a new designer as well.

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      Yea, I mean, there must be someone doing all the top CB launches right now, but I guess no one knows who the designers are?
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    If i hear "clickbank minisite design" already i get a stale taste in my mouth. Why do those sites need to look the same - ALL of them? The typical "clickbank design" in particular in the MM niche really puts me off.
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    Minisite Design | Ecover Design | Minisite Graphics < A++

    I can tell you that this guy has done alot of graphics for top products on clickbank right now.. but.. he's booked pretty solid.

    Sean Lowery's MinisiteGraphics - Minisite Design, Direct Marketing < A+

    Sean Lowery is not only a bad ass graphics guy.. but he is also a dang good marketer.. so he really understands what converts.. he's A+ and a great idea to have on your rolodex

    HOT! eCover & Minisite Design, Mini Site Graphics, Sales Letter Format < A+

    Cranking out alot of top graphics as seen on CB right now

    Minisite Design and Minisite Graphics - Made To Convert < A++

    He used to be called the MinisiteFrog! Mario is a BEAST. this guys kills it.. Everything I've given him over the years he knocks out of the park.. and committed to do a great job. A++

    Minisite Design | Landing Page Design | Custom Wordpress Design | Business Website Design | Custom Logo Design < A+++ Highly Recommend.
    Farihan is actually Bobby and my graphics guy of choice ;p He's done graphics for us on some of our biggest launches.. Six and seven figures.. as well as some of our friends that all do serious numbers. this guy is a MACHINE.

    Design Guru Ryan: Result Driven Direct Response & Minisite Designer < A

    DGR was the #1 go to graphics guy of the gods for years.. this guy is on a whole another level..

    honestly.. I haven't spoken to him in a while so I can't comment on what he's doing right now.. but something tells me it's epic. Ryan is a really cool guy.. and does phenomonal work! A+
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    I second Jarrett. If i made a list, it would be just a replicate of his.

    Except for DGR, I have used all the other designers over the years (YES, they have been around for that long) , and I can say this guys hit the mark on awesome designs consistently.

    This guys are not cheap, but their designs will make you proud to even brag to your granny about it :-p

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    Thanks for the recommendations everyone. Does any of these guys have WSO's on their graphics?

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    I was planning on using pixelofgenius for my launch, but never received a response and now it seems they took their site down as they are not accepting new customers.

    Out of the suggestions, they were the ones I felt could provide me the best quality work at a reasonable price...is there anyone else as good / better than him with just as many big CB launches under him (or her)?

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    It does not matter how great a web designer you are; if you cannot be bothered to reply to emails or your customer support is crap then you're design service is a waste of time!

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    Bump for anyone? PixelofGenius and Dave (extremewebgraphix) were my top two choices, but neither have gotten back to me still. I understand PoG took down their site after a while as they were no longer accepting new clients, but not sure whats up with EWG.

    Anyways, any other suggestions of people just as good?
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      Originally Posted by AdrienX View Post

      Anyways, any other suggestions of people just as good?
      I have had 3 minisites in top 5 of CB during the last few years. in the e-business category, so I guess i can qualify even though im not that active in posting here.

      Though we are a bit overwhelmed with orders right now, so depending on the project and the scope I cant give any guarantees.
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    How about someone just to re-do sales page text formatting? (Need an update from formatting done a couple of years ago.)
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