How to change div class of a page in joomla 1.6 ?

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I'm getting a problem on my site because of layout difference between div class="blog" and div class="item page".The page having div class="blog" display the content area where the text and articles get shown in my desired way i.e it is using the full width available to it but the page which has div class="item page" do not uses the full width and some space is left between the article and the side menu.I want to remove that extra space.What should I do..If there is any other way instead of changing the class layout do let me know that too.
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    The proper way would be to change the CSS class from the imported file. A sloppy way would be to add the class again with overriding attributes in the template index.php right before the <head> tag. I would not recommend that at all.
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      You could add in an if statement in the template to check if example left and right module is published, then give out this css class, if just left then give out different class and if not left or right is published it should give out another class. And you could set the width in the css file for the template based on the class used. Let me know if you should need any help with it.
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