what do you think about my site?

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Hi there, I own a very cool twitter marketing software with no competitor like this.

BUT ...

you can see the website here

then, please:

  1. tell me what you think about my website design
  2. can u tell me anything I can do to improve my website and conversion?
  3. to make my website pretty, how much do you think I have to spend ?
thx warriiors
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    With a first look I see two things I would change:

    1. Get rid of the Comic Sans font type in the menu (too amateur)
    2. Your headline is cut in half. Check the attachment

    Hope that helps
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    1. Your header needs improvement. Something that looks professional.
    2. Same with navigation links.
    3. The headlines are too big, kind of messy which does not allow one to get the message and understand immediately why they should continue reading.
    4. Overall the formatting of the page could benefit from better use of fonts, spacing and graphics.
    5. Also, the copy could be cleaned up to read easier, flow and actually sell the benefits of the product.

    You may want to hire someone to help out with all of this.
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    Your text in general is too big. A lot of text gets "cut off". The color scheme isn't really professional or complimentary.

    Just my 2cents - hope it helps.
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    You need to have a better design and graphics.

    A few points:
    * The header menu is set to be transparent, which is not great for readability.
    * The bullet lists can be made more eye-catching with interesting icons.
    * Your video is not ideally placed and a black screen doesn't help either.
    * Buy buttons should be made more appealing for better conversions.

    There are many design issues.


    If your software is cool, why have a bad design. It should be impressive enough to make you look like a professional. The design has a lot of impact on the way people analyse your website and service. Common perception is: Poor design = Poor service.
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    thx mann .....

    digital startup looking for partners in China, Taiwan, HK, Korea & Japan. PM me

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      @visimedia For ~$1000 software, you need a serious redesign. Just a quick look at the site, I come away with "This software must not work, because for less than the cost of his software, his site could look so much better. So, he must not have sold any."

      Now, if your software does do what you say it does, hire a writer for the sales copy, and a good user interface developer for the site. Currently, your site isn't doing the software any justice.

      On a side note, if your software is as good as you say it is, I'll trade you a redesign for a copy of it

      "The Dominance characteristic values competency, results, and action. The Influence characteristic values action, enthusiasm, and relationships. The Steadiness characteristic values relationships, sincerity, and dependability. The Conscientiousness characteristic values dependability, quality, and competency... it is necessary to give them the thing they value most." - from Convert, by Ben Hunt

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    I think the text is too big,which is not so much impressive according to website.
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    To me your site is missing out on color and that grab you feel. Nothing on the site makes me want to order the product.

    I would look over the colors you have chosen, enhance it with some better images, find a better font, and get a writer to help everything flow better.
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    First of all try to change color of headings which is red right now, secondly remove images from home pages and put them in other section like screen shots etc. Try to reduce content and only write core features of your product in first paragraph of home page, give detailed features in feature's page.
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    I've check out your site first of all as every one would pointed out you needed to reduce the size of the font there's too much color going on it the paragraphs. I guess everything really needs a re-design of the site give it a minimalist design and it should be fine.
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    Need some expert designer here to make your site small and run fast on any browser.
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    yeah, the site needs improvement from top to bottom... hire someone who can change your current layout and design and turn it to wow.. good luck!
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    A .COM domain would give more credibility too :-)
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      Well, no way I would pay over a $1000 for a product from someone who is not professional enough to even spell check their website.

      "that can send urls's and messages" - for example, I gave up counting after finding 20 errors, heh
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    Not bad, but it's too simple. Good luck with this.

    Are you ready to start your own website? Take a look here: www.MN-Shop.com

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