Who is Right Getting Domaning?

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I was told don't get your Domain at the same place you host ,if you want to leave they can give you a hard time, try go daddy for that. But someone said no it's yours it goes with you as long as you pay.
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    It's easy to change the name-servers and use the domain name at other places if or when you feel like you need or want to. I know GoDaddy makes it pretty easy. I register all of my domains at GoDaddy.
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    There is nothing wrong with hosting your domains and your site in the same place, until it's time to move. Registrar transfers (transferring domain name hosting) can be a pain. Plus, your timing needs to be thought out, or you end up paying more than you should for a year of domain registration.

    Hosting all your domains with a host that you only use for domain services makes things easier. You can put the website anywhere, and just change the DNS settings. In my work, this is key, as project requirements for different client projects cause me to choose from many different hosts, yet I can manage all the domains, for all clients, from a single location.

    If you're the type to set-and-forget, then host your domain wherever you host your site. But, if your site requirements may change during growth, you're unsure of your host, you have multiple websites, or you are always looking for a better hosting deal, then host your domains in a separate location.

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    You don't have to get your domain at your hosting company, most people don't. But some hosting companies offer a "free" domain, as long as you host with them. I hate that, since it can be hard to move your domain to another registrar later (and there may be "penalties" for that).

    Rather, I suggest, you get your domain at one of the well-known registrars (GoDaddy, Namecheap, and the like), and arrange for hosting separately.
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    If you paid for your domain name, it does belong to you.
    Most of us buy domain names at go daddy just because it is much cheaper.
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