Getting Started Looking For a Webhost Hostgator or Bluehost

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I have narrowed it down to these two which would be the more noob friendly.

Thank you
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    Ruth, bost HG and Blue are good hosts for newbies. Either way you'll be dealing with cPanel for hosting administration. I've dealt with both, and they're quite helpful when it comes to tech support. You'd be in good hand either way. If you really need a push, I'd lean toward HG as they've been in the reseller game for quite some time, so they have a more diverse client roster.

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    I have had HG for about 4 years and they are great. with awesome live support
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      And another vote here for HG. Have used them for over 6 years. Great support. The folks at HG go out of their way to assist and direct you to best options -- or fix what you ruined!
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      Originally Posted by nethead01 View Post

      I have had HG for about 4 years and they are great. with awesome live support
      Same here, Hostgator for about 4-years, sites are always up & awesome support.

      As long as HG stays the same I will never change host.

      BTW, don't buy a domain at HG, go to Namecheap for buying domains.
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    Host Gator for me. Used it for 2 years now and its great. I especially love the live support.
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    Go for hostgator.
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    The hostgator uptime is great! Remember Softlayer is at the backend (in terms of servers) of host gator and they are pioneer in the business.
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    have see this, i will transfer hosting too
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    I have accounts in both bluehost and hostgator. Customer support is better at hostgator than bluehost(my personal experience) - which is good for someone just starting out. JFYI currently i am transferring all my sites to hostgator as the bluehost servers are getting hacked repeatedly and tech support does little to help.
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    Same here, Hostgator, highly recommend them. excellent support.
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    HostGator has been wonderfully stable and reliable. They are worth the extra few dollars per month.
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    Without any doubt HG. Using them for 3 years. Sites are always up and really love their live support.

    Good luck
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    I use Bluehost and I am pretty happy with it. I thought the price was pretty decent and have unlimited space and I can create unlimited domain names. I have a cPanel and I am able to run wordpress sites because it has MySQL. If anyone has switched over to Host Gator that has used Bluehost before I would like to know why you guys made the switch.
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