What are the best Asp.net hosting companies?

by vjboc
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What are the best Asp.net hosting companies? Who do you use Asp.net users? What monthly cost should I expect for a site with 30,000 page views a month?
I mention page views because the application pool is crashing from to much memory usage (they say because of traffic). Is this true?
The basic plans in the company I use is 250MB. But at least once a day I get a 503 error from to much memory usage.
Are there asp.net hosting companies that that offer more memory than 250MB in the basic plans. Or should I be upgrading to a plan that offers 500MB?

Also this company doesnt offer dynamic compression on any shared hosting sites. Is this common?

Thanks in advance.
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    You might check on the forums at asp.net this is like the asp developers site, everything you could ever want to know about asp.
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    Some recommendations on how to find a good asp host can be found here:

    ASP.NET Hosting Options (C#): The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

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    This blog is awesome: http://www.robkonrad.com/blog. Read it.
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    Check to see if you find something here
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    Most of hosting company offer hosting for Asp.net frame-work. But have to choose how deliver best services and never make down your site. If you are happy with your company services then I will recommend upgrading your plan to 500 MB.
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    you need to check out the forum that is available in asp.net website.
    you can have a talk with different experienced developers who can suggest you better.

    Local SEO Consultant

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    for all my local stuff (NZ) i'll never look any further than webdrive.co.nz theyve been an absolutely joy to work with over the years

    anything outside of that, hostgator and ixwebhosting normally have what im looking for.
    Web 2 Mobile
    The Future of The Web
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    Look into getting a windows VPS plan maybe myhosting.com
    Web Hosting Reviews ► www.CastironHosting.com ◄ Read or Submit Feedback on Web Hosts.
    Web Hosting Coupons, Deals & Promos!

    Need a Virtual Private Server? www.VPSPlan.com
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    I recommend DotBlock
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    You can see here the name of most popular ASP.NET hosting company around the world.
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