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Hi All,

I've just finished creating the new design for my cartoon services website.

I'm not interested in having the cartoons themselves reviewed, merely the websites design and overall feel.

Please let me know what you like/ dislike about the website or what you feel could be improved. Any positive or negative feedback would be very helpful. Please be as generous or as harsh as you feel you need to be. I need to get this right.

I'm having a couple of problems RE 2 things with the site..

1) I can't bleeding get the main navigation to the site to be central. It just floats to the left and I can't find the code anywhere to change this. Also on the 'services' sub-menu'... I can't find where to widen it.

2) The gallery section is screwed. Again, I can't find where to edit these.

If anyone has any ideas about those, please let me know.

The website in question is my cartoon services website, located here

Thanks in advance.
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  • Profile picture of the author Absolute Logo
    Real nice site you got there! It does load slow for me, but it could just be a coincidence. Your caricatures are fantastic! Are you using a Wacom Cintiq?
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    It is also loading slowly for me - speed is so important for not only your users but your search engine rankings.

    Great looking site although I would look a bit more at how you are displaying the information - it gets a little muddled on the homepage. Contrasting fonts, better alignment etc. will help here

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  • Profile picture of the author Invert Planet
    yep it was a tad slow.

    I couldn't see any images they were broken links.

    I really liked the site. Well done!
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  • Profile picture of the author Invert Planet
    yep it was a tad slow.
    Gallery | ToonJam Studios Ltd

    I couldn't see any images they were broken links.

    I really liked the site. Well done!

    Is it because you are using wordpress? I found that WP ALWAYS justifies the tabs / navigation to the left. I am not a huge WP fan. Similar to the drop down menu. Somewhere in the theme it should specify how many px wide and how many px high. That one should be a fairly easy fix.
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    first of all the site loads horrible, it took ages to load, try to optimized the images... btw your toons are great, good job!
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    To be honest if you have that much skill as a cartoon artists I don't see why you need to use a cheap wordpress theme to shocase your work which is :

    1. Slowing your site down no end
    2. Few errors and layout problems
    3. Lacks continuity

    Id suggest looking at drawing the site up and give it a full cartoon feel something that suits you, your personality and talent then employ a developer to create it.
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  • Profile picture of the author adebayjim
    Thanks for all the positivity guys =]

    Well, this website is mainly for my actual trading name to have website, so I'm not really fussed about rankings. I do have a portfolio site, which I might create a similar thread for as I recently re-designed it.

    Does anyone have any idea how I could speed the site up? Like by deleting unneeded code? Or is it a case of picking a different WP theme?

    To be honest, I've got on the WP bandwagon, they seem to have a lot of good success stories. Perhaps I should have just used Dreamweaver?

    Thanks again for all of your input.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shoot
    Page Speed Home

    Looks like your images are huge...
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  • Profile picture of the author julianna
    My best guess is that your image files are way too big. Beautiful work, you are quite talented, wish I could draw like that! Site was extremely SLOW
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  • Profile picture of the author kanadaka
    As mentioned by some others main thing is the site loaded extremely slow. Other than that looks nice though.
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    Annoyingly slow. I failed to load the gallery. Before any concern please work on the speed. I understand there are lots of graphics but the speed jeopardizes your graphic skills.
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  • Profile picture of the author violaf
    congratulations...very nice sites...just a little slow on loading....well i am in wireless....but even with wireless website needs to open fast
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  • Profile picture of the author Trivium
    The slow loading of the website is definitely a problem. It took over a minute to load the first page. Definitely look into compressing the images on your front page: for the cycling display in the center of the page, the client needs to load 5 images, which at 600kB-1MB in size, takes a ridiculously long time. Take advantage of the fact that cartoons don't need nearly as much colour depth as photographs, and use this to reduce the file size of those images (also consider other formats such as jpeg or gif). You may also get away with reducing the resolution of the images too, although if it pixelates, best to leave this as is.

    As far as the website design itself goes, it looks really good. Its simple yet elegant, and looks professional and neat. However, none of the images in the gallery loaded (and yet the page still took ages to load). So fix that, and the loading times, and your site should do well.

    Also, do remember that for thumbnails and pictures solely for your website, don't just resize the images inline - actually resize the graphics to the desired size prior to inclusion on the website, as this will dramatically reduce their size. And compression is your friend - don't use higher quality graphics than you really need.

    Hope you find that helpful, and good luck with your site!
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  • Profile picture of the author YourProfessional
    It took 20 seconds for me to load the website.

    Painfully slow.

    Where is your order page? You don't have any call to actions on the website what so ever. Have a tab where yo ucan ORDER NOW... and pick and choose from the services you provide ... i.e. add to cart or email us now.. whatever.
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      If you website is loading to slow you will get very less visitors...
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    I'm getting this error on top of the page:

    Couldn't connect to database server.Couldn't find database magical_rules.An unexpected problem has occured with the application.
    SELECT statscurl_id FROM `statscurl` WHERE statscurl_ip = '';

    For the speed, you might want to check if your PNG compression is optimal (or whether you should use JPEG instead)...
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  • Profile picture of the author shantanu
    Awesome cartoon website bro keep rocking cartoons looks really cool
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  • Profile picture of the author mohsin111
    your website is full of error
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  • Profile picture of the author AfterTenDesign
    Hi there I checked out the site.
    Im sure you know about the DB error? So I'm going to try to look at this as a potential client:
    • The overall feel is nice
    • the transition with the main image is kind of fast, if it can be slowed down that would be great
    • I see you offer various services such as caricatures from photos,etc personally I'd like to see the photo next to the resulting cartoon if permitted.
    • I know you have contact us on the top menu, I'd like to see a contact us button/graphic on the left above 'latest news' and the contact link on the bottom as well. make it as easy as possible for me to find you!
    • if celebrity is yours I would take some of the work from there and add it to toonjam so your visitors don't leave and go to the other site, if it isn't your site, why send people away from you
    • there is no mention of rates, or ranges, personally I wouldn't wait to hear back from you about how much something is, I'd go somewhere else that has some sort of rates posted, even if they are general.
    • Do you do work for those outside of the UK? I get the feeling you don't
    love your work, I've saved you page for referrals
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  • Profile picture of the author syaya
    very good design cartoon..
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    that's all what I see on your website
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  • Profile picture of the author nightshade877
    Well, I did not get redirected to the site. I'm using firefox and the page does not load completely. Just a plain white page appears. But I do really like this name of your site!
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