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Could you tell me what you think about this website..

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    I think your website is very simple. You need more customize it.
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    I think it is a pretty cool website. Personally I don't like the header on the home page. I think the one you have on the Graphic Design section is better and more suitable. I went to your homepage at first and thought it could be about adoption or Native Americans or something.
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    Your site is good in terms of SEO but as a website design company.. you must have more appealing look. The menu can be made better the padding between the menu items is very less. Have a sitemap for your website, it is very important. Where ever the link appears saying contact us my be linked to the contact me page, it is not done. Please fix this and also use 301 redirection. Hope then your website will be good.

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    I think you should have a more appealing look and feel of the website in order to convert the visitors into customers.Portfolio section should be improved.
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    * Improve the design
    * Use a template if necessary
    * Make your site mobile-ready
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    Even get a free template and modify it.
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