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Hey guys and gals

I'm changing things around in 2012 planing on making it the best year yet for my clients and myself. SO with that in mind I'm also redesigning my whole brand (and all the sites that are under it - existing and upcoming).

The first in a long line of changes is my logo (which didn't exist before).

I would really appreciated if you took a second a drop me a line with what you think about it.

The whole idea behind this logo is representing three main factors of my perception of internet:
- the hair is made out of 3 www's < stands for internet
- the ears and eyes represent 2005 < the year I started internet marketing
- and the bb body comes from Bling and Bold and some other project I plan on launching in 2012 (their names also start with B < guess it's my thing to find B starting names?...)
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    I think it looks pretty cool! Well done. It does however look like an advertisement, is that what you were going for? Overall I like it and think you did a good job!
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    Looks good you might want to try a transparent body behind the logo itself.

    it will help create the image of the man your going for.
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    Thank you for the feedback so far! The actual logo is only the white-blue little man and the text. And the blue is NOT the final color, it's just some shade I went with right now. That's why I'm asking for feedback from you guys

    As a designer I find that the hardest thing to do is doing stuff for my own...
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    It looks good to me....there is a good chance I might click this ad if I see this somewhere
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    you did a good job dude! I like the logo
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    I think I would move the man closer to the text.
    What does it look like if you cut the colors directly in half down the guy.
    The color follows the text now. I think it would have better lines.

    Also how does it look if you scrunch the head to the ears line up with the body.
    That will create a hard line to align the logo text with.

    I think the harder lines will look more like a logo.
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  • Profile picture of the author T O M M Y
    I think it's messy!

    A beautiful logo is simple
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