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It is only a graphic layout but I'd love to get your feedback before I turn it into a website.

There will be clickable buttons that will open contact form later.

The goal is conversion... as always

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    I guess this is supposed to be abstract art but I have a hard time understanding the middle portion of the front page. But that's just me because I want to make something out of it but I can't. Also it would be better to create separate pages for the profile, work and contact instead of having it all on one page.

    Changing the profile name to Services Provided, or something like that , would be more appropriate as well.

    hope this helps a little bit.
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      the website that you critique was my signature sorry for the confusion but i cant post links...
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    Nice work there

    Only a couple of things:

    1. The headline should be more benefit driven. Instead of saying what you do better say what is the problem you are solving.

    2. I would love to see testimonials. Who bought your service and why it was great for them

    3. Last I would like to see examples of work. Maybe a portfolio would fit.

    Hope that helps
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    • Profile picture of the author Absolute Logo
      Hi! I think you did a really good job here, I think it looks great. I love the color scheme, the way it flows together, the layout. Its great. One of the better one's I have reviewed on here.
      Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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    • Profile picture of the author mirohristov
      Thank you guys!

      @Nikolas and Brian
      I'll be adding testimonials and portfolio.

      I've never had anyone write one. Do you "beg" your customer for it or you just do an enourmous amounts of work and hope that someone will write one voluntarily?

      @Nicolas: check this out:

      I'm really confused when it comes to how advanced my target audience is. I don't want to get the " Yeahhhh Riiiighnt..." response.

      Thank you!
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  • Profile picture of the author jeffyman
    I like it! Looks really good!
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    Yes, me likey, nice clean design but could do with testimonials if you can get them
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    Good design. Clean and simple. Definitely modern site aesthetics.
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    Looks beautiful, hmm but you can still give it some more meat - say may be list the kinds of sites you build, a portfolio of previously built sites..... It still got more space for a lot more content and make it look little bit more informative lest it looks more of a nice wall paper.
    "For everyone somewhere there is a piece of heaven on earth"
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  • Profile picture of the author IM Alex
    Not much to point a finger at here, this is clean, well proportioned and designed, very well done! I'd take advantage of the footer section to add some internal and external links, other than that there's little to mention, this is professional work
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  • Profile picture of the author blogfreakz
    good job dude, I love your landing page
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  • Profile picture of the author mirohristov
    Thank you everyone! I love you already
    I'll be back with the final website.
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