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Hope you are doing good. This New Year had re-designed their E-Commerce website to make it more userfriendly for our visitors in relation to the design, navigation, shopping cart and ordering process.

I would love to get feedback from my valuable forum friends.


Thanks for your feedback!
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    I don't know how the old version it was to compare it with the new version.

    But the new version looks clean, it was easy for me to use, loads fast even with so many pictures and banners, if you compress your html and css code will load even faster.

    One thing that worries me is that the home page hosts lot of information, it took me some time to get use of the layout and proceed on the next pages. Also find a better spot for the social icons where users can locate them faster and share your page with their friends.

    Overall nice, easy and factional website!!!
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    Thanks for your honest feedback Alwin!

    Your remarks are very useful for the further improvement of our website. We will be considering your inputs and will start working on it asap.
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      It is a very clean and simple website. The products are laid out where they are easily accessible.

      However, there is a display problem when viewing in Chrome. Where you enter your email address (presume to be kept up to date etc) there is some text that is obscuring it. It is very difficult to read what it is as the text is white in colour.

      Other than that though, very nice.

      Turns out the white writing are more menus.
      "Writing" and "More Categories", I presume these are overspill ?
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        The website looks fine. You've obviously optimised the home page for key terms. However, it seems the internal pages need to have customised title tags.
        The key is whether the traffic converts. I'm not sure what the US standard would be for this category.
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    Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback!!!

    @Anthoni - I think that issue of text you mentioned is been fixed now.
    @dburdon - You are right, due to some technical problem the same title for the inner pages got repeated. We are fixing it.
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    Great Website. Very clean and organize, I love the tab color too. It is indeed very user friendly and it loads fast even it contains lot's of pictures. Great job!
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    It loads fast for me with no problems.
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