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So this is probably a really stupid question to most people on here, but I don't know how to set it up so that someone can download my ebook from my site. I know how to add it to my ftp so that it will be a webpage, but I want to do is automatically start downloading on someones computer when they click a link.

Any advice?
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    It will do that automatically just by you uploading the PDF and placing the link to it on your site. Although some people do have their browsers set to view PDFs within the browser, but either way, there's nothing else you need to do.
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    I see, my computer must be set to just view the pdf in a browser than because it did not download anything when I tried it out. Thanks for your help!
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    You could also add a "right-click >> save-as" message beside the link to instruct visitors how to save the file.

    But like Laura said, most browsers will download automatically unless the user changes it.

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    Most browsers will NOT download it, just open it.

    Make it a zip file and upload that. Zip files are automatically downloaded by browsers if you place a link to the .zip file on your download page.

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    I also want to ask this kind of question. I also want to know how to put PDF DOwnload on my site.. Glad I found this thread
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    I also have the simple, maybe stupid but basic question about were and how put the PDF to download.
    I understand perfectly how to put the download link, but didn't know how and where upload the file I want to be downloaded.
    I have already almost finished my WordPress website, but this is the most hard answer to find, believe it or not.
    Thanks in advance

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    You can upload it anywhere, but to wp-content/uploads is probably a good place. If you upload it via WordPress, it will be placed there automatically, and you can just get the link in the media manager.

    If you wanted to prevent hotlinking to this file, or it being indexed via the search engines, you can protect it via .htaccess. If it is a file available to download only by (paid) members, you'd have to protect it via a specialized download plugin instead.
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    Do you want to capture information before you do a download, or do you want a free download without capture?

    If you want to gather info, place the link on the "thank you" page when you sign up.
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      Originally Posted by dd1153 View Post

      Do you want to capture information before you do a download, or do you want a free download without capture?

      If you want to gather info, place the link on the "thank you" page when you sign up.

      That's what I want to do...
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