Proper Banner Design for Newbs - Copyright Issues?

by akashra 4 replies
Hey Guys,

Got my first Word Press up, and chuggin along w/my first affiliate offer about to add some content...

Was wondering - what's okay and what's not with banner design on my page? Which of these are ok to use, and not ok?

- The Full Banner from the actual Affiliate Product page I'm promoting
- Graphics from that listed above with some of my own text/manipulation
- Random Logos/Designs from google images?

Is it all dependant on what I choose, and essentially have to sort through individual copyright from each source I'm thinking? If someone could give me a basic primer would be much appreciated...

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    Using any Google images without permission from the owner is just asking for trouble.

    Why don't you ask the owner of the product you are promoting if you are allowed to use his graphics. Most product owners actually provide you with swipe graphics to assist you in selling their product.

    That way you can sure you won't encounter any issues.

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    There's a site at Search | SEO Market Research (no opt in) which lets you search for images filtered by reuse licenses (I use Stock Xchng mostly) but you can also search google images for pics you can reuse
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    Thank you both. I've asked the site owner and awaiting a response, and about to check out the SEO Market Research search!
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    Technically using a banner from the main affiliate's website is copyright infringement. Unless you have specific permission. Just because you are an affiliate doesn't give you the OK to use all their images. If they include it in the available images toolkit then that is different.

    Changing graphics will depend on what they are licensed under. Creative Commons Share-a-Like 3? Copyright is very specific, in that you cannot change or alter something even if you are given permission to use it unless the image is licensed under the license that allows for derivatives.

    If any image is licensed to allow for 100% free use and derivatives, then any derivatives of that are licensed the same way automatically.
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