Good Mac graphics package without forking out for Photoshop?

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Hi everybody,

Am currently a frustrated PC user. Regular crashes, gradual slowing of performance, error messages, viruses, trojans...grrrr I hate PCs! Anyway, as you probably gathered I want to make the switch to Mac and with rumours that there's a new iMac due for release, now my be the perfect time!!

Anyway, there's a bit of software that I rely on heavily for my webdesign and Wordpress projects called "Ulead Photoimpact" which isn't available for Mac. Don't just use it for photoediting but for creating graphics too (web banners, png images/backgrounds, buttons..the usual web design stuff). So, am wandering whether anybody knows of anything similar that's available for Mac without having to take out a second mortgage to buy Photoshop. Have looked at Photoshop Elements but it doesn't seem to be in the same league as Photoimpact.

I know that you can also run Windows on a Mac. But I'm sick to death of anything Microsoft and once I make the move I never want to have to use Windows again!

Would be grateful for any advice. Please save me from being tied to a PC!



P.S. Also interested whether there is any good web design software for Mac other than Dreamweaver. Currently use Frontpage for my sins!
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    I am not a graphics person, so I don't know how good this will be, but check out gimp. I have only lightly used it, but they claim it is a free alternative to photoshop.

    As far as the web design software goes, macs come with iweb, but I find that not very useful unless you are designing a site around your summer vacation.

    I bought RapidWeaver, and for the style of sites I write I love it. I used it for my wife's e-commerce site ( - We make Cloth Diapers Easy!), and I am in the middle of creating another site with it, but that isn't quite ready yet.
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    Hi Tim,

    Just typed "gimp" into Google and got some rather interesting results! Hehe! Better wipe the history before the girlfriend finds it...

    But I found the software. Will download it onto my PC and test it to see whether it does what I'm after. Looks good though!

    Love your diapering site. I'm now off to check out RapidWeaver.



    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    Inkscape is available for Mac (and is also free like Gimp).

    Paul Turner

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    Check-out ChocoFlop. It's free donationware and does lightweight Photoshop type stuff.

    I also use Skitch (free) for annotating with arrows/etc.

    Acorn is $50 or so, but is a really nice easy-to-use but still fairly powerful graphics editing package for those who don't want or need the complexity of PS. I find the simplicity very nice since I am usually just hacking a photo up for a post (I'm not a graphic guy and the advanced stuff in PS baffles me).

    I use ArtText ($40) for making logos and other graphics. It lets someone like me who can't do much of anything with PhotoShop actually make attractive graphics and banners which are good enough to actually use.

    Sometimes you can get these tools as part of MacHeist for a nice discount, although $90 for Acorn and ArtText is something I've found very worthwhile since I don't want the complexity of other editing tools.

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    You're all absolute stars!

    Thank you for your help. I can escape from my PC at last!


    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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