Free Theme Not Showing Excerpts, Only Full Length Posts

by redstanford 7 replies
i picked up a free theme on wordpress today and i want to use it for my aged product review site.

only problem i've seen so far is the main url shows the entire post, not just an excerpt like i desire. i don't want my main URL to show 10 full length reviews (some upwards of 1,000 words). i only want excerpts to show on that page.

can my theme be manipulated to make only excerpts show?
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    It's hard to say without knowing the exact theme, but a couple of places you can try - first of all have a look to see if the theme has an options menu, as it may offer a simple option to switch between the excerpt and the full content. If you don't have any theme options though, and you're confident in making some changes yourself, a good place to start would be looking at the themes index.php and checking for something like the_content() and changing that to the_excerpt().
    If you can let me know the theme I can give you a better answer!
    Good luck!
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    you can put this code in html.. take note in html not in visual..


    the next text after that code will not be displayed in your main page..

    for more info
    Customizing the Read More « WordPress Codex
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      I use this with the 2011 Theme. Try it, see if it works with your Theme. Check the 'Details' at

      Auto Excerpt everywhere

      The plugin shows excerpts instead of contents in your blog, single posts and pages excluded. It tries to display your custom excerpt text and if it doesn't find it it will show an automatically generated excerpt. You can also define an excerpt length (default is 500) and a custom read more link.
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        sorry guys I should've mentioned the free theme i'm using:

        i'm using blogolife 1.9 by wplook
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    The more (<!--more--> ) tag is a good fix, but would become annoying if had to be added to every post.

    Just state the theme any of us familiar with wordpress could have pasted you the necessary edit!
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    Hmm the demo page is annoying! I would go the easy route and use the plugins suggested above. If they dont do the trick, ill download the theme and find the necessary edit for you.
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