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Hello everyone. I have several wordpress sites. I have one that I have not touched for a very long time. I want to do some work on it, but the sidebars in the admin dashboard does not show the area for widgets or theme or appearance at all. It is all gone! And this site has widgets! Can anyone advise me where they could have gone and how to get that back? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Have you updated wordpress to the latest version? The menu items switch around a bit so you may have to do some digging to find what you are looking for. Post a screenshot if possible to show what you are seeing.
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      It doesnt give me the option from the dasbhoard. It looks like I am not the admin. I used this site for linkvine a long time ago. I wonder if something I changed back then is the reason. But it was so long ago...I can't remember. I will try to get a screenshot.
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    If that's the problem. You can edit the user role in your database click the wp_usermeta table. Edit wp_capabilities of the user and replace the meta_value to a:1:{s:13:"administrator";b:1;}
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      Here is what I see. I have no options to do anything. I think I am not the admin from when I was with linkvine.
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    If you are comfortable with phpmyadmin (or whatever database management software your host has) - go into the database of that blog and check the "users" table to see the users. If you are not the admin with the login you are using, there still should be an admin account. If you don't remember its pw, just change it - as it is described in many WP documents: Resetting Your Password « WordPress Codex

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