Need some help with Dreamweaver please

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I only have a basic understanding of HTML and started using Dreamweaver because it seemed to have good reviews. I am a bit confused about something and was hoping I could get some feedback here.

When I want to do a line break, I find no way to do it other than going to the code and putting it in manually. But every time I do, I get <br /> instead of the <br> that I type. Why am I getting the space /> forced on me?

Is there a simpler way to do a line break?
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    The difference between HTML and XHTML is (among many others) the <br> and <br />

    ref: XHTML Introduction

    As for the "simpler" part... the big G. gave this hit #1 on page 1 for
    "dreamweaver insert break shortcut" > Dreamweaver 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

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    the space/> is the most recent standard, upgraded from the plain <br>. Roll with it. It will keep your site in w3 compliance for longer. (As in, until they change the standard again.)

    Better: Drop Dreamweaver and install WordPress.
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      Originally Posted by MattSchoenherr View Post

      Better: Drop Dreamweaver and install WordPress.
      Sorry, but WP sometimes just doesn't fill the bill. Maybe this has changed in recent updates (they seem to come every week) but I never did figure out how to put a table in a WP post. I like to use tables.

      Tim Pears

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    the space/> is the most recent standard
    Well, no. That's not true in the way you put it.

    If you code in HTML ,then the correct (standard?) code is <br> - otherwise the validator will tell you about lots of errors! It depends on the langauge/version/doctype you are using... read my post above and follow the links.

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