Can someone Help with adding good keyword ideas to my site?

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Can someone Help with adding good keyword ideas to my site? My site is a Price Comparison site, I want to add a couple of sentences mixed with some keywords to help with the search engines and to help visitors understand the pages easier. I just dont know what to write. Any ideas would be greatly apprecated. Here is one of the pages Camcorders - Lowest Prices at Qpricing!
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    I find your site already has meta description , meta keyword and title
    and your site has reach page 1 on keyword phrase Camcorders - Lowest Prices at Qpricing!
    My opinion, if you want to optimize website to customer, write artikel or several paragraph explaining about your site.
    And to optimize for search engine you can do several thing also:
    - place your keyword phrase on the first paragraph, make it underlined or bold
    - place your keyword on the second paragraph, and last paragraph.
    - make an anchor with your keyword
    - place an image and name it with your keyword

    it may work for seo(search engine optimization) and for ceo [customer explaining optimization]
    hope the best for you
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    Like you said, if you want to help visitors understand the site better, then take a good look at it from a visitor's point of view and write a few sentences that help them.
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      My suggestion in getting good keywords for your site is this. Do a google search for relevant sites in Camcorders. Now once you get the resulting page click on the first site on the first page. Once you get to that site, view the page source of that particular site.

      Usually right at the beginning of the page source are the Meta tags that identify keywords that is linked to that site.

      My reasoning is that this particular site has made it to the number 1 ranked site, well at least for the day, and the attraction has got to be the meta tags associated with it. Being quick and nimble with these keywords by adding it to your own site can only help.
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    Just put yourself in the position of a potential buyer.

    Buyer 1 (camera Noob): He'll type in stuff like "best camcorder" and "Cheap Camcorders."

    Buyer 2 (Camera Vet): This guy knows his stuff so he'll be typing in stuff like "Camcorders with _____" Insert any nice feature in the blank.

    That's obviously not the only phrases your potential users will type in but the point is to think outside of the box and hopefully reach more users.


    Even if terms you think of only get 0-15 searches/mo, it's still great for your site because it's keywords Google can use to judge what your site is all about. It's called LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and most of the time, it's WAY more important than spamming a high-traffic search term 3 times in your opening paragraph.
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    to find good keyword go (google adword) sign in,you can look your seo maybe your site ok go this site use free tool ( )
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    Here is the link to google keyword analysis tool
    you can analysis various keyword and see the total no. of global search for that key word. and the compitition
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    Thanks to you all for the replies. I appreciate it. I have gone to other price comparison site and I dont see much text on the pages. I am wondering if it would look odd with alot of text on the pages?
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