Well-optimised WP theme(s) for artists

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I am just wondering if somebody can recommend some well-optimised WP theme(s) for artists. Easy to implement SEO, well-coded, ideally having been around for a bit, so tested in practice that way too. Free or otherwise, but definitely at the lower end of the cost range.

Am I correct to assume that the requirements for artists are the same as for photographers, for example? The latter being a bigger niche, I would expect there is more work done in it.

For the online sales I was thinking of PayPal buttons for each item. They are not huge portfolios and sales also are not expected to be overwhelming. Or should I implement a proper ecommerce package from day one?

I am just starting putting together websites for 2 different friends artists and am trying to save myself some of the "reinventing of the wheel" labour.

Thank you!
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