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Hi All,
Would like some feedback re the design of the site gamedaytradingcards.com ( link in my signature ). Niche market site that rates well in searches but I am about to give an image overhaul. Some feedback on the good and the bad would be greatly appreciated from a wed designers point of view. I already have some feedbak from niche customers but some opinions from web designers point of view would be great.

Thanks in Advance

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    Hi Peter , my first impression is that it looks 'dated' . There are some amazing WP themes that would give it a modern,stylish look.I like the embedded youtube clips

    good luck

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      Good job man! Looks like you have quite a thing for cards! Thats neat! Keep up the good work!
      Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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      Originally Posted by martyJames View Post

      Hi Peter , my first impression is that it looks 'dated' . There are some amazing WP themes that would give it a modern,stylish look.I like the embedded youtube clips

      good luck

      I kind of understand what you are saying re looking dated but this is actually a look I am kind of going for. I do not want it to look like it is out of a can , I want it to be individual. Does a site looking a little dated turn people away and any other opinions on whether people feel the site looks dated and is a turn off.

      Thanks Peter

      Peter Thompson
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    haha, the logo is so cute~~
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    I think this is a difficult question to answer, because it depends on your customers. I think too many people get hung up on the "looks" of a site. It's been proven, that simple can be better.

    My only thought is that there is so much going on with the main page, with all the images, that it might be kind of confusing. Might be a bit much?

    Course, if the site is doing well, if it's making money and your bounce rate is low, maybe you don't need to do much.

    Best yet, ask your customers, maybe with a little survey? They might point out things you did not realize or see yourself. Should be best to get feedback from the very people you want to do it for.

    I do think the menu images at the top, could be more crisp, more professional looking. Might be tough for people with less than perfect vision to see them clearly. Look a little "out of focus".
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    I think it looks ok the way it is. Im a person that is really big on looks of a site and stuff...but for the purpose of trading cards and for your audience..I think this is fine. One thing I dont like is the header. I see everything is one image (the menu, social buttons). i would change that up. I would make the menu actual text instead of images. I only visited the homepage, but thats my opinon of it.
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