Wordpress main + Multisites + Buddypress together?

by DeVill
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I'm planning on building my first Wordpress site (a membership site), and I was wondering if I'll be able to use Buddypress for a social network (for clients to have a behind-the-scenes community amongst themselves) while ALSO using regular Multisites for clients' promotional pages (for their fans to enjoy), plus have a central part clients can access (for tools/tutorials/salespages/etc), and have it all on one domain using subdomains.

I know it may sound complex/challenging, but what would be the best way to structure that type of site?

By the way, I also want to make it mobile-optimized, so I figure an m.domain.com would have to figure into all of this (am I wrong?).
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    The scenario is possible and not complicated or complex at all.

    Given your requirements I would suggest installing the multi-site as a sub-domain format but keeping the buddypress install separate in a sub-folder.

    There are mobile ready themes available these days if you can afford fork out a few dollars - this way there's no need for a separate m.domain.tld format and having to maintain two separate sites so to speak.

    I am due to release such a theme as WSO shortly - you can see it in action via the links on my signature. If you are interested PM me and I'll keep you in the loop. It is not a buddypress ready so you may need to use the plugin to convert it.

    Good luck,
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    Thanks for the advice.

    Do you mean like YourPromotionalPage.Domain.com/YourBuddypressHomepage ?

    Is Buddypress able to be installed in a subfolder lke you suggest, or is it supposed to be on a subdomain, or the main domain?

    I plan on making their promo page more than 1 page (e.g; photo gallery, performance calendar, guestbook). Would I structure that like:

    Your advice to use a mobile-ready theme to avoid the m. sounds good for my situation.

    Also, I checked out your site. Good stuff. Unfortunately, I'm not able to send private messages because I haven't posted enough times yet. I'll be looking out for your plugin tho'.
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