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Hey thanks for checking out my post.

I would really appreciate some feedback on my new site.

I used the twentyten theme and made some tweaks.

I wanted to keep the site very simple, basic and easy to navigate.

Any feedback would be great!

Tactical Cash System | Home Income Cash System Resource


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    Hey man, I think the website is okay, it is plain, however for what you have it is fine.. I think the pop up when you enter you site is really cool how you can fill out your email. Great job over all Keep up the good work!
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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      Originally Posted by Absolute Logo View Post

      Hey man, I think the website is okay, it is plain, however for what you have it is fine.. I think the pop up when you enter you site is really cool how you can fill out your email. Great job over all Keep up the good work!
      Thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

      WarriorForum Rocks!

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    Brutally honest here

    1- pop up. why the need to say free sh$t. I think it is not professional, which translates to, "I don't trust this site or this seller"
    2- Move the info on what the free download is to above the name and email. let people know what they will get right if they signup. Offer this on the website as well, not just popping up.
    3- Use something 'spy-like' instead of a dollar bill and use colors to match the site
    4-header: needs resizing; it is fuzzy and too busy
    5-get rid of the text above the header, move the login into the header itself or set it is as horizontal above header
    6- multiple pages with multiple animations, wow. I almost gave up after page 2, once I saw I had to watch more and click more. You will lose buyers. you need to capture their interest right away, not play a clicking game, the goal is to sell and everything needs to point that way.
    General Thoughts
    how if at all it will help me or how is what you are selling different from a million other products that offer the same thing?

    there are no prices posted. this for me as a buyer is an instant turnoff. if I have to search for prices on something you are trying to should pay me for my time. The fact you say free trial, yet do not say 19/mo thereafter is just sneaky

    It appears you may have good resources, but everything is a guessing game as to what they are exactly
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    It's very plain and blah. You obviously took the generic wordpress theme and modified it. Seek web design advice!
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    I like it, it is clean and plain. but maybe a little too plain add some more things to it!
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    To be honest there is nothing about it that WOWS me. Your trying to compete in the internet marketing niche which is incredibly competitive. Any new person coming on the scene will almost certainly have been exposed to the big players and there are a thousand plus people with your exact same offer.

    With that being said the first thing that struck me was that the design looks very amateurish. Right away in my mind this brings down your credibility. If you are really good enough at internet marketing to be able to teach me, then you should be able to afford professional design.

    The next thing I notice is that your offer is very vague. I really have no idea what you are selling or for how much.

    Honestly I would click away in search of a better offer.

    Sorry for being so harsh but it's the truth about what I think. You could have a really incredible product but it is not represented that way with what you have.

    If it were me I would ditch the whole I'm going to make you click 4 links and sit through a bad Javascript display to figure out what is going on. I would put all that content into a sales letter on the home page. Give your program away to some people so that they can use it then get some testimonials then write a sales letter.

    If I am able to skim the page to see what your offer is, right away, and have some proof that it works, I would be much more likely to take you up on your offer of a free trial.

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    I think you should make full use of your home page. Put in more information if it's meant to be a "static page". If you really need to make a pop-up, make it more appealing The theme looks good enough, but you can consider other good & free wordpress themes too. And btw, I noted that you used pictures for product desp, using text will be better for SEO.
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    Very plain and looks like default theme of wordpress.
    gif animation? Haven't seen many those is the past 8 years. Doesn't look very professional.
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    Your site simply nice.
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    Hey Jeff, Your site isn't to bad and looks OK. The internet marketing niche is a very competitive one to get into. Good luck with that. Your on-page SEO needs to be addressed. I check the "page source" and I see a title but no description. You need the proper plugins for getting the site "ranked" and "indexed" for the keywords you choose. The more content the better, your home page needs a lot more content on it. Hope that helps...
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    I'm using firefox and just as soon as i got to your website the popup block everything. But the close option was not available.


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      Originally Posted by jordel View Post


      I'm using firefox and just as soon as i got to your website the popup block everything. But the close option was not available.

      I also encountered same scenario, where the pop up blocks everything and there is no close option available. My browser is also Firefox. Good luck!
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    Thank you very much everyone that took time to review my site and left feedback.

    I got a little caught up with things and I need to remember it is not what I like it is what works.

    I really appreciate the hard, critical and brutally honest reviews. To be honest is the only way we learn if what we are doing is right or wrong. If we just got what we wanted to hear there would be no growth.

    I have started implement some of the suggested changes and will continue to work on some of the others.

    Thanks again,


    WarriorForum Rocks!

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    Just a quick review this time round, some things i noticed at a quick glance at the home page only...

    I suggest you remove 'cash system' everything from all the menu items, its cluttered and pointless really, navigation should be quick and simple and to read across a line where im mentally trying to skip over all the repetitive text is exhausting..

    kill this line, no need to tell them who you are straight after a banner does the job for you unless you are stating differences, kill the title line "Home Income Tactical Cash System"

    otherwise seems fine to me
    Web 2 Mobile
    The Future of The Web
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    too much words for a squeeze page imho. it will be better if the pop-up load after some time instead of immediately
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