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I have posted this question on the main forum then realised it might be better suited here.

I need to find software or template that enables me to create a website for the use of selling secondhand goods in my market.

Sellers will list there products,pay me for the pleasure and I shall provide the eyeballs on their advert from which people can then purchase

My questions is what do you recommend for this. For a basic setup i have just though of installing a wordpress template then adding a contact form for the people wishing to sell goods. Then i would take payment via paypal and list the ir products on the relevant category.

What are your thoughts / recommendations?
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    I can build website like that for you using custom CMS
    Please tell me if you interested
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      This is exactly what I'm looking for. There's "e-list from elegant themes, but there's no ability to capture e-mail address when someone lists. Woothemes has a theme called "Listings" but for $200, I'll pass. if you can do without capturing e-mail (or know someone who can code the theme) here's e-list link below:

      eList Directory WordPress Theme | Elegant Themes
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        Brader - thanks for the offer but i'm currently investigating other options such as the e-list theme mentioned.

        Im sure there is something out there already which i can purchase rather than get a custom design done.
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