SMS marketing combing with mobile marketing

by ClaDax
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Hi there,

this post links to the possibility of programming this function on mobile html5 devices:

I have this idea (probably many of you).

I want to offer a new service for my business. SMS marketing.

Instead or as a plus to "tap to call" I would like something like "tap to subscribe" or a toggle that opens up and says:

Want to get a free <thing> then SMS <keyword> to <99991>.

In the case of tap to subscribe it would be nice if actually with the click on "tap to get a free <thing>" a SMS will be automatically send to <999991> and that then the clients gets a confirmation SMS.

So that:

1. A confirmation SMS gets out.

2. Client confirms with <subscribe> to <99991>. (even nicer: subscribe with email address like sundrop - I am not sure if there is a real time validation that checks if the email address really exists...)

3. Restaurant gets a unique code, email or sms that confirms that a NEW client just subscribed.

4. Client gets free <thing>. (Eventually a SMS that says: Show this SMS to waitress to get 20% off / free <thing>.)

The number 3 is the tricky part and is the question for this subforum:
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