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Devil's Thumb Ranch
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    wow, that is a very very interesting website, did you make this?
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    Wow that is incredible. I assume the website itself is created using flash. As for the 3D rotation it reminds me so much of Google street view. Hmm how can I use this to make me money. think think lol
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    Cool site... definitely flash. Looks really cool but you're going to have problems with search engines as well as user experience. You would be surprised by the amount of people not using flash anymore.
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    It's flash, and it's terrible for SEO. It also takes a very experienced flash developer to create something like this, which gains the customer nothing. A complete waste of time and money...
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    thats not very good, is flash and the seo part is dead, and also many people dont even use flash and hate it.
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      thank you for the advice
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        what an annoying website.

        Tip: Look in the URL its says "flash"

        sites like this don't do well. they are slow for bots, and background music is bad for seo.
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    you may be able to do something similar with html5.
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    I agree, flash based sites are not SEO friendly at all.
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    Could you make it's loading time less. If so, then it's great.
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    I cannot see your site. I keep on refreshing it is just a white blank.
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    Awesome if you are making a Disney related kiddies site but a total waste of time and money if you are making a business related site.

    Flash is no no in my books!
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    A nice design but flash websites like this are not search engine friendly at all. A really well designed website is great but you need to have something that is going to perform well in search engine rankings.
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    I agree flash is not good for SEO, but a site like this may not be trying to get traffic via the search engines.

    I recently built a website for a restaurant in flash I advised them about the SEO complications, they replied saying they do not want to do any SEO they do not need it, its more for their customers they gain offline.

    They do run some PPC campaigns at peak times like valentines, they also have a great google places ranking.

    So it depends flash sites can actually be good, needless to say they get a lot of comments about their site (good ones lol)

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    Its really great to have a look on sites like these.After seeing this site i am eager to create a site using flash with a pleasant look.Really inspiring site for designers.
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  • It's made using Flash Panorama:

    Welcome to flashpanoramas.com
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    Very cool site! It's a flash based website probably created with flash or adobe flex. The slick animated views were probably created in an additional panoramic view creator or some creative photography, photoshop, and flash coding. As for the SEO part - Google has an algorithm to read text within SWFs, but I would suggest creating an html alternative. Also whoever created this website took there SEO a step further by adding SEO optimized PDFs.
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    Heavy Flash is used for the development of the website with the cool advanced AJAX technology, but takes time to load not for slow connections ofcourtse but i like the idea of the moving background without any problem.
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