time for a website is available in google and other search engines

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what time is needed for a website appear in best search engines?
if i submit my website today, when he is available for people?

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    He will be available for people immediately, but in search engines in a few hours to days.

    Google normally only takes a few hours to index a new site.
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      - they, (google and other search engines) make some evaluation to the website?
      - and if they dont like it they dont index the website?

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        The website will get indexed. But the ranking on the other hand will depend on the content of your website.

        You can submit your website for indexing to speed up the process a bit. Make sure you have the robots.txt with the right permissions for the search engine bots!
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    Now google crawl websites very quickly so if you have a website and submitted to Google, just after half a day it will be indexed. all will be indexed even they don't like it. But if you don't optimize your site well, you can't high ranking and high position in search engine
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      Google starts sending me traffic the first week. You don't need that many pages. The main thing is to have content that is geared toward search phrases rather than keywords. You won't get a lot of traffic at first, but you should get a few visitors almost immediately.
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    Everyone here is right on about how long it will take for your website to show up. Now the real question is how do you stand up against other websites that provide the same or relevant content you do. Your site might appear but it might be on the 50th or 100th page on search engines. This is where you should start thinking of ways of how you can improve your off site and on site SEO.
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