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For my blog in my sig.

The concept was - the reason we are all doing IM - MONEY + The how we get this money - The Internet.

Money is easy to add, simply a dollar note and we all recognise it, but a symbol for the internet was a bit harder until i realised my online presence in this world is mostly controlled by a little white hand.

Put them together and this is what i came up with
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    logo 2 looks the best
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    I would go with the 2nd one.

    Graphic Designer. I bridge the gap between a great story and the audience it needs to reach.

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    #4, there's a nice break on each word.

    "There are no new fundamentals. Be suspicious of someone who says 'I've got a new fundamental.' That's like someone inviting you to tour a factory where they are manufacturing antiques." ~ Jim Rohn on fads

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      I prefer the 2nd logo but i would make the last line "Making That Online Money!" as wide as the text directly above it "Marketing Hustle".
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    I like em. mostly I like the gist of the message
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      Yeah frankly, what I'm seeing here is nuanced differences. any and all of these logos would be interchangeable according to a particular formatting need.
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    The last logo actually caught my attention, but at the same time I really like logo number 2. It is very dynamic and there is a part of me that wants the giant hand to move and click on the words. I feel very much engaged.
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    2nd or 4th look good...
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    Voted for 2nd one as well.
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    clearly the 2nd logo
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    Please be aware that using a Trademark symbol if you haven't registered a Trademark can get you into some legal trouble.
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    I saw the TM one as well.
    There are conflicting laws on the use of TM in various legal domains.
    In Australia, it was generally used (TM) for registered trademarks only.
    Recently use seems to have gone the way of the USA, where the R in a circle is used for the registered ones and TM is used for pending applications (that may or many not actually get registered).
    Some people claim common law or unregistered trademarks using the TM symbol mainly to scare off potantial competitors.
    In these cases legal proceedings may occur if another person objects and claims prior usage.
    All the best
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    Logo 2 here also..
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    the logo with the initials was processed in my brain as
    In My Hand!
    that said your image has a very retro feel to it, I would use the more old school type that matches it, like the one you are using in the fully written out logo for the initials as well
    Signature -- a Latin free blog
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    i like the second one as well
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    Number 2 isn’t bad, but 4 has t be my favorite. It just seems to grab my attention a bit more.
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