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Here's the story: usually for backups and whatnot I use BlogZapper. But in this case the person dealing with this particular site (a new SEO client of mine now I might add!) forgot to renew the domain name. And because of that, I've got all the files plus the database. While I can upload the files, I'm not sure what to do with the database he sent me (never had to do this by hand) and of course that's the integral part. While the site is down, its costing the client money, so I could really use some help here.

I have worked with wordpress before (all I usually use) but since I keep track of things, I've never had to try and resurrect a site by hand using wp.
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    Upload the files. Create a database and link it to WP. Upload the content of the old database file to the new database. I assume that the URL has remained unchanged. If the site is now on a new domain, make sure to open the database file in a text editor and find-replace the old URL with the new one. You are done.
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    It is a new domain. A couple of questions:

    What generally speaking is the name of the database file I'm looking for?


    I use fantastico, which automatically creates a new database for each WP install. So I should be able to just import the data from the old .sql. Will I still have to redo the content, pictures etc?
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    Is the "database he sent you" a .sql file?

    If yes, then it's easy.
    - open the wp-config.php file in a plain text editor and look for the DB name
    - cPanel > (under database) phpMyadmin
    - in phpMyadmin, in the left sidebar click on the DB name you found in the config file

    IF the DB doesn't exist: go back to cPanel > Databases: create new DB... and use the info from the wp-config file for name, user, pw. Then add the user to the DB with ALL privileges.

    - (back to phpMyadmin) in the database clik the Import tab on the top
    - find the .sql file on your computer > Go

    If the files and folders are in the right place AND the info in the wp-config is correct AND you imported the db properly... it should work

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    I use fantastico, which automatically creates a new database
    Don't! If you have clients... it's time to learn the basic webmaster skills :p

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    It is a new domain.
    Too bad you didn't tell that in your first post. Another skill to be learned: give full info and detailed description of the situation when asking for help!

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    How would I then link the new database up to WP?

    EDIT: Ok, off to try this manually.
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